What A 50 Year Old Should Wear To A Concert

Unleashing the inner rockstar that resides within us all is an exhilarating and transformative experience, regardless of age. As the neon lights shimmer and the bass reverberates through the air, there’s a profound sense of liberation that accompanies the anticipation of attending a concert. Yet, for those who have gracefully entered the golden milestone of half a century, the exhilaration may be tinged with a hint of uncertainty as to what ensemble best befits such a lively occasion. Fret not, for we have embarked on an exploratory journey through the fashion realm to uncover the perfect wardrobe inspirations for the rock icons of the 50-year-old realm. Whether you’re passionately nostalgic or yearning for a sartorial upgrade, this article will guide you through the harmonious marriage of style and comfort, ensuring that your concert attire radiates a captivating aura of timeless sophistication.

Leather Jacket + Jeans

A pair of jeans and a cool moto jacket is a no-brainer combo for a rock concert. Whether you wear skinny jeans or bootcut, dark wash or light wash ripped jeans or clean; it doesn’t matter. Whatever suits your body type is the best pair for you.

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As for the leather moto jacket, black is the everlasting symbol of rock and roll. However, now that you are older, you may find you have outgrown it. Black leather can be harsh and aging next to mature skin, so you’re OK to go with a more sophisticated shade like blush, which is considered neutral.

Pair your leather jacket with a white or cream top with a slight edge. Look for tops with cutouts, studs, or other rock n’ roll touches. Top it off with your upscale rocker look with a designer bag and a pair of cute suede booties.Rock Concert - Long Sweater Leather Leggings

Black Leggings + a Long Top

Black leggings worn with a long top are another great way to get the grown-up rocker chic look. Plus, you will feel super comfy all night long. Any black legging will do, but leather or faux leggings add to the heavy metal vibe. Team your leggings with a sleek, long top that covers your bottom. This brick cashmere sweater looks fabulous with this inky crossbody bag and comfy black slides.

What to Wear to a Rock Concert - Guns & Roses Tee

A Concert Tee + Edgy Accessories

This last look may feel a little corny for some, but hey, it’s a rock concert. Cheer on your favorite rockers in a band concert tee. Your favorite black jeans, dress them up. Finish off the look with a  fabulous bag and flat booties loaded with heavy metal studs and hardware. It’s simple, but it does the trick.

1. “Redefining Ageless Style: Dressing the 50-Year-Old Concertgoer with Flair!”

When it comes to dressing for a concert, age should never be a limiting factor. In fact, being 50 and passionate about music gives you the perfect opportunity to embrace your unique style and make a fashion statement! Here’s how you can redefine ageless style and dress with flair for your next concert:

1. Experiment with Bold Colors: Break away from the conventional and dull colors and opt for vibrant hues that will make you stand out from the crowd. Try pairing a bright red blouse with black leather pants or a vibrant floral dress with a leather jacket. Don’t be afraid to experiment and show off your fun side!

  • 2. Embrace Statement Accessories: Enhance your concert look by accessorizing with bold, eye-catching pieces. Opt for oversized earrings, chunky bracelets, or a statement necklace that complements your outfit perfectly. These accessories not only add a touch of glamour to your ensemble but also express your personal style.
  • 3. Rock Denim with Confidence: Denim is timeless and versatile. Embrace its flexibility by wearing a stylish denim jacket or embellished jeans. Pair them with a simple graphic t-shirt or a flowy blouse

    2. “Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Navigating Concert Fashion for the Fabulous 50-Year-Old

    How To Style a Summer Concert Outfit

    1. Keep it simple! I like 3 easy pieces for summer like an easy-to wear stretchy midi dress, with comfortable flat shoes and a crossbody bag. If it is cooler you may need a jacket and a denim one with pockets is ideal because it offers additional storage for lipstick, cash and other essentials.
    2. Wear a lightweight bag. A crossbody bag is fitting because it is secure and will keep your hands free. For some outdoor concerts there may be stadium bag size requirements and it cannot exceed 4.5″ x 6.5” which is very tiny. Another option is to wear jeans with deep pockets to keep your essentials and wear a phone bag.
    3. Stay sun safe. Put on your sunscreen before attending daytime events and wear a wide brim hat and/or sunglasses for sun protection. Tuck a small sun block stick in your bag or pocket to reapply throughout the day.
    4. Wear something fun! A music concert is an opportunity to wear something a little over-the-top. Be a rock star and wear bright colors, bold prints or pieces that are embellished with a few sparkly sequins, studs or rhinestones.

    Summer Outdoor Concert Outfit for Women Over 50

    summer outdoor concert outfit fountainof30


    * indicates required

    Agate Print Knit Maxi Dress

    A slip on midi dress that flares at the bottom is ideal because it is long and won’t ride up. I fell in love with this sunset colored Ulla Johnson Gaia Dress for $690 with a wavy stripe reminiscent of agate. Knits are on trend this season and this one has a beautiful variety of textures. It is worth the investment but you may need the $690 to pay for the concert tickets these days! So another option is this Zara Asymmetric Knit Dress for only $45.90. It is a lot less expensive as well as less one shoulder! But you can still stay comfortable if you wear a strapless convertible bra with one strap under it.

    Short Sleeve Denim Jacket

    You may already have a blue denim jacket, but this Veronica Beard Raina Cropped Denim Jacket in ecru caught my eye. Veronica Beard designs the best fitting, most stylish and collectible jackets. I adore the slightly puffed sleeves. So you may not blink at the $400 price tag. But if you do, this Amazon (US) Cropped Denim Jacket for Women with 3/4 Sleeves is worth a try for only $9.91! (Maybe now you can get the dress!)

    Wide-Brimmed Straw Sunhat

    If you are at a daytime outdoor summer concert where you pick a spot on the lawn, a wide-brimmed straw hat makes good sense to shield you from the sun. This beautifully woven Gigi Burris Millinery Mary Jane Straw Wide Brim Sun Hat fits the bill for $385. Or maybe it does not fit the bill because you can pick up this San Diego Hat Ultrabraid XL Brim Straw Sun Hat for only $53 and not have to worry about it so much at the event.

    Crossbody Mini-Bag

    A small lightweight crossbody bag is essential at an outdoor festival or music concert. You’re arms will be free (to have a cocktail and/or dance) and your belongings will stay safe and secure. This gorgeous Bottega Veneta Mini Cassette Leather Bag for $2,500 in this deep burgundy brown is one you can wear all year and add to your bag collection. But for a fraction of the cost (like 20%!) you can get this Madewell The Box Leather Carabiner Mini Crossbody Bag for $128.

    Soft Leather Flat Sandal

    Comfortable shoes are a must for an all-day event, and a pair of flats like these Vince Dylan Slide Sandals for $275 are perfect, especially in this cheery papaya yellow color. Or you get these Franco Sarto Glenni Sandals in goldenrod leather, now on sale for only $59.40.

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