Vortex Hydro Turbine

Harnessing the unstoppable energy of swirling waters, the Vortex Hydro Turbine plunges us deep into innovation at its finest. With a mesmerizing cadence that echoes the songs of nature, this magnificent creation gives birth to a new era of sustainable power generation. Captivating, efficient, and environmentally conscious, the Vortex Hydro Turbine stands tall as a testament to humanity’s ceaseless pursuit of technological marvels. As we delve into the intricate mechanisms that underlie its impeccable design, prepare to be awestruck by the sheer brilliance that lay hidden within the heart of this waterborne titan. Welcome to a realm where nature’s fluid dance converges with mankind’s ingenuity – welcome to the world of the Vortex Hydro Turbine.

The KCT harnesses the energy in a vortex, drawing from the Coriolis Force to produce approximately 27% more electricity when combined with a conventional turbine, as revealed during proof of concept testing at Kalorama.

The KCT has been reviewed and endorsed by Dr. Harry Schaap, Federal Advisor for Renewable Energy. In turn Austrade has endorsed The KCT and included it on its Clean Energy Export Directory.

85 %
Operating efficiency
60 cm
Minimum fall
80 L/s
Nominal flow rate



Canadian Mildmay 2017 KCT Concept Drawing reproduced with the kind permission of the Pryce Family.


The Pico KCT

Small-scale vortex hydropower

The Pico KCT is a micro hydro vortex turbine inside a small chamber, with a DC generator on top. It delivers electrical energy in DC at any voltage required.

The Pico unit does not affect the flow of the system due to the suction of the vortex. In addition, there is minimal impact to the water pressure. As with any KCT unit, power will be generated at any time when water is flowing through the vortex system; enabling the Pico to supply power to the battery of a multitude of micro devices, such as a smart water meter.

Features & Benefits


On and off grid

You can provide power to the grid or operate KCT off-grid in combination with power storage, or both.
placement options

Multiple placement options

Multiple KCT installations can be installed either in parallel at one junction or in a series along the canal.

Secure and unobtrusive

KCT blends into the natural background and is very unobtrusive. In addition, it is easy to secure and monitor.

Standalone or hybrid sources

KCT is modular in design and works great alongside other sources such as solar installations or diesel generators.

Offsite, on bank, in waterway

An installation can be located practically anywhere: on a diverted canal, on a bankside or inside the waterway.

No footprint, fully recyclable

The entire KCT assembly is made of recyclable materials and its removal can leave no trace of existence at all.
above or in

Above-ground or In-ground

You can install KCT above ground, or in the ground, depending on the site and other project requirements.

On Site Assembly in 12h

For a prepared site it takes 12 hours to assemble for a KCT assembly, not including any optional concrete work.
low maintinance

Low Maintenance

KCT operates smoothly for a long product life with minimal maintenance. Distant monitoring & standard parts are available.

Supplement existing hydro

KCT can be retro-fitted to existing installations of various types in order to economically increase a site’s output.

Portable and mobile

KCT can be transported on the back of a truck and lifted into place easily. This enables access to hard-to-reach sites.

Long operating life

With a simple and rugged design, and very lengthy MTBF, KCT is supported by a 25 year warranty.

Patent Protection

Since 1998, all 18 key nations of relevance to the K.C.T. have in due course been secured and brought under the intellectual property umbrella with the Mark1 KCT vortex turbine.
The global KCT mini hydroelectricity market is protected, with Mark2 patents now also being sought in an additional 60 countries. If you are interested in a JV, please contact us.

Mark2 Patents Pending in Pakistan, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, & South America.

Harnessing the Power of the Swirling Oceans: The Vortex Hydro Turbine Unveiled

An eco-friendly way to harness energy from rivers and canals with a low height difference, as a standalone project or a cluster of turbines powering entire regions. A single turbine can generate from 15 to 70 kW of constant energy around the clock.

Render Turbine 2022 copy_edited.png

Core Unit

 Premium efficiency  Generator and Gearbox for 24/7 operation


Sluice Gate

Automated sluice gate for flow control


Low Flow

A 1,5m3/s flow is sufficient for our smallest turbine


Low Head

A 1,5m height difference is enough for our smallest turbine

To develop a project, Turbulent has a tried and tested project development process with state-of-the-art tools, such as a powerful GIS system to find sites all over the globe. 

Our potential projects range from 15 kW to 70 kW single turbines for small businesses or households, to clusters of turbines coupled to generate multiple megawatts of energy to electrify entire regions.

Discover all the steps that are involved in developing a project

4 steps 2.png
Sustainability – We call it Living Rivers™

Since the creation of our technology, our mission has been to shift energy production towards a cleaner source, that is respectful for the environment, for the communities and for the water life.​ We do not only strive to minimise our impact on the rivers and their surroundings, but also to improve their quality and to benefit the region.

Thus, we develop Living Rivers™


Training of locals and

technology transfer

Refresh white_edited.png

Fish Friendliness

003-fish blue.png

Zero CO2 emission


In action worldwide.

Leuven, Belgium




5 kW


140 kW


100 kW


30 kW


5 kW


5 kW

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