How Much Is Toshiba Laptop Charger



The “How Much Is Toshiba Laptop ⁣Charger”​ is a convenient and reliable⁣ charger​ designed specifically for Toshiba laptops. This charger is essential for keeping ​your laptop powered up and ready for use, whether you are at home, in the‍ office, or on ​the go.

One of the key features‍ of the “How Much Is Toshiba Laptop Charger” is⁤ its compatibility with a wide⁤ range of Toshiba laptop models. This ensures that regardless of the⁤ specific Toshiba laptop​ you own, this charger will be able to provide the necessary power to keep it functioning optimally. This versatility is especially useful if ‌you have multiple Toshiba laptops or frequently borrow or switch between different Toshiba models.

Another notable feature of this charger ‍is its durability ‍and high-quality construction. It is made from robust materials that are built to⁣ withstand daily​ use and resist damage from various conditions. This ​ensures that the charger will⁣ last for a long time, even with‍ frequent plugging and unplugging or if exposed to accidental drops or spills.

Furthermore, the “How Much Is⁤ Toshiba Laptop⁢ Charger” is ⁣designed with safety features‍ that provide ⁢protection⁣ against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. These features help to safeguard your laptop⁢ and the charger itself, giving you peace of mind while using ⁣it.

In terms of pricing, the exact cost of the⁣ “How Much Is Toshiba Laptop Charger” may vary depending

Details About How Much Is Toshiba Laptop Charger

Price: $16.99
(as of Sep 10,2023 05:09:30 UTC – Details)

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What should I do if we received defective items?

1. Please click the button and inquire us. We have warehouses in NY, making sure that you could have a high-quality service.

2. Please be assured that we will take the responsibility for each product we sold.

What do we need to pay attention to using batteries for the first time?

Pls kindly noted that the battery must be full charged before first use!

1.You need to turn off your laptop and disconnect the power

2.Turn the laptop to the back, install a new battery, and fix it with a tool

3.When the computer is turned on, if it is not recognised, it is recommended to update the BIOS settings or please disconnecting the old battery, and holding down the power button for 20 seconds, then connect the new battery

4.Do Discharge the new battery use to 5%/7%(not to 0%) and then charge to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times

Why the laptop does not recognize the new battery?

1. Could be caused by battery loose. Please re-install the battery and make sure that the battery cable and the motherboard interface are tightly inserted.

2. Maybe due to conductive material damaged which the laptop motherboard and battery anode and cathode contact position, you can try to confirm it with your original battery.

3. Check whether the battery drive is in normal condition, if not, download the corresponding driver software to update.

How to maintain your lovely laptop battery?

1.Do not always run out of a battery to 0%, this would make it damaged or usage life shortened

2.DO NOT keep your battery always fully charged: Just like emptying your battery to 0%, keeping your battery permanently charged at 100% is very harmful.

3.Do not store at low power to prevent reduce the lifespan of a battery. Please store the unused battery fully charged.(Charge it once a month)

How to maximize battery life?

1. Change your laptop power plan settings, choose the power saver plan. Then Change advanced power settings, scroll down to find Processor power management. Click the On-battery option and reduce the processor state to 20%.

2. Always keep your laptop neat and clean. The dust easily enters the hardware through the vents which are meant to release the heat generated from various computer components.

3. Close Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings. This can help your computer save precious battery life.

Compatible for Toshiba Satellite Z30 Z930 Z830 Z835 Z835-P330 A665 A505 A205 A215 A105 A135 A305 A100 A660 P200 P750 P755 P850 P875 S855 S875 S955C650 C650D C655 C655D C655-S5132 C655-S5141 C655-S5212 C655D-S5518 C655 -S5512 C655-S5501 C660 C675 C675-S700 C850 C855 C855D C875 C875D C875D-S7330 L55-A5284 L55-A5384 L55-B5267 L55-B5276 L55-C5272 L55-A5385 L55-B5267 L55-B5276 L55-C5272 L55T-A5290 L55T-B5257W L55T-B5271 L455 L455D L500 L505 L510 L640 L645 L645D L650 L655 L655D
Compatible for Toshiba Satellite L755 L775 L850 L855 L875 L675 L745 L750 L750D C75D-B7200 C75D-B7202 L875D U845 U845T U845W NB15T Toshiba Satellite Radius 15 P55T P55 P55 A-1650-01 PA-1650-66 PA-1750-24 PA3714E-1AC3 PA3714C-1AC3 PA3714U-1ACA PA3715U-1ACA PA3467E-1AC3 PA3467U-1ACA PA3743U-1ACA PA3917U-1ACA SADP-65KB
100% New from Manufacturer, 100% Compatibility With the OEM Laptop AC Charger/Adapter,Built-in overload, over-voltage, and short circuit protection
Warranty :Rest assured with 60 days Refund and 12 months Warranty;24 x 7 email support.Note: Amazon return windows will close after one month, don’t worry about it, you can click on seller store on right corner “ask a question” and contact seller directly for 12 month warranty.


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