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A Battery for​ Portable Generator is a crucial accessory that provides the necessary power backup for your portable generator. It serves as a reliable⁣ and convenient solution to ensure that your generator stays operational even in the absence of a power source or during power outages.

The main purpose of a battery for a portable generator is to store electrical energy for future use. It works by converting ⁢chemical energy into electrical energy, which can‍ then be used⁤ to power up your portable generator. This ‍makes‍ it an essential component for ⁤those who rely on their ⁢generators for various activities, such as camping ⁢trips, ⁣outdoor⁢ events, construction sites, or as a backup power source during emergencies.

The key features of a battery for a portable generator make it a reliable and efficient ⁤power⁣ backup option. Firstly, it offers‍ a high energy ‍density, allowing ⁢it to store a⁤ significant amount of electrical energy,‍ ensuring long-lasting power⁤ supply for your generator. This is particularly important when you require continuous power for extended periods.

Secondly, a battery for a portable⁤ generator is usually compact and lightweight,‌ making it easy to carry and transport. This⁣ portability feature allows you to take it anywhere, ensuring that⁣ you have a reliable source of power wherever‍ you go.

Furthermore, these batteries often feature quick charging capabilities, ensuring a ⁢fast recharge time, so you can quickly restore power to your portable generator when needed. Some models also come with ⁢advanced technologies that

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Product Description

At home or outside your mobile basecamp, these portable power stations provide backup electric power and solar energy storage for big power demands.

300W protable power station

300W protable power station

Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, they can keep all your gear charged, from smartphones, laptops, to CPAP and appliances, like mini coolers, electric grill and coffee maker, etc.

With the improvement of life quality, more and more people yearn for outdoor travel and outdoor life, so portable power station comes to us.With the frequently increasing of natural disasters, people’s demand for emergency power station is also increasing. Portable power station has becomed a close friend and an essential part of our life.

As is known to all, the main parts of portable power station is lithium-ion batteries and power management system, so the quality of the lithium battery and the safety of the power management system is particularly important, however, there are some unscrupulous merchants on the market, using inferior lithium battery and cheap power management system, so that directly affects the safety of the portable power station performance, thus bring inconvenience to the user.

Therefore, Jack, the founder of Aligoo, aspired to make the safest portable power station, so that every consumer can enjoy a safe and happy life.Therefore, we solve the problem from the source of the product. We adopt the A rated safety lithium power battery, independently research and develop the power inverter and management system,have six safety protections, our own production factory, with 12 safety procedures for testing,all of this just for making super safe portable power station.

In addition, our products have American and European appearance patents.Also have bought global Pacific Property insurance, only for reassuring every consumer peace of mind.

Aligoo 78000mAh High Capacity Portable Power Station with AC Output DC USB Type-C Multiple Charging Port for Your Devices

long lasting time solar generator

long lasting time solar generator

300W CONTINUOUS /600W PEAK OUTPUT: AS300-J has 300W continuous /600W peak output and 266Wh capacity.
RV CAMPING/FISHING/OFF-ROAD/HUNTING/GETAWAY/EMERGENCY: AS300-J is one of the best investments for your outdoor life. No extra setup time is required for AS300-J compared with the traditional RV system.
BETTER THAN CAR INVERTER: If you want to use electricity on the car, the engine has to run all the time to offer electricity for a device like Car Fridge. The power station can protect your car’s battery.
Q1: What devices can Flashfish AS300-J power?
A1: Please note that the AC output port can charge devices less than 300W, DC output is 12V/10A . e.g.TV, fan, stereo, laptop ; Once exceeding, this portable power generator will be in protection mode. We need to charge it by wall charger to reset it.
Q2: Why can not be charged?
A2: Over-discharge during use triggers over-discharge protection of the machine. If you encounter a situation that the power charge station can not be charged you can try to charge for a period of time and then unplug the power, and then continue to charge.
Q3: AC and DC output, which way is best to power my CPAP machine?
A3: For Optimal Use with CPAP. Aligoo power station can power your cpap by two ways: 220V AC plug and 12V DC plug.Strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC to DC converter to work with this unit and turn off or remove the heater/ humidifier, it should last longer.To buy the DC converter, please consult with your CPAP supplier or simply find us for a guide.Same as others, like laptop, use DC output will be longer than AC output.

protable solar power supplier

protable solar power supplier

Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station





Portable Power Station & LED Flashlight

Taking along a modern generator can help you light up the camp with bulbs or lamps. At night, campsites can get pretty dark, making it challenging to move around or cook. The darkness can also invite intruders and animals. Keeping your camp well-lit ensures your safety and peace of mind, especially when camping with children.

AS A Car Jump Starter

Aligoo portable power station a powerful portable battery pack with 12V car jump starter. A high-density lithium-ion battery allows for a more compact build than that of lead-acid power packs. If your battery is dead or weak and won’t start you engine, hook the power station with car jump starter up and you will be able to start it. Even though the remainder of the power is 10%,it can junp start your car dozens of times.

US standard AC outlet, power safely

US standard AC outlet ensures safe connection of your device, 100% compatible with all your small appliances which draw under 300W while none US standard outlets having trouble with compatibility.

And our plastic shell is not the usual ABS material but a professional fireproof material, more than the average portable power supply with security.

OVER Current

OVER Current



smart LCD screen power station

smart LCD screen power station

Intelligent safety Protection

AS300-J Power station works with intelligent security function which protect your device about 6 safty protections to ensure it’s safe to use,including Over Discharge, Over Current, Overvoltage, Short Circuit, High-Temperature,and Overload Protection.

3 Different Recharging Methods

Aligoo 300W Solar Generator Power Station Supply Energy Storage has 3 ways to charge the emergency battery supply. It takes 5-6 hours to fully recharge portable power station by AC 110v wall socket; about 6 hours under direct sun light with solar panel (DC 100W Max and sold separately, not included), 7-8 hours by 12V/24V car cigarette socket (sold separately).

Smart LCD Display

Compared with the cheap products used LED screen in the market, the Aligoo 300w power station is equipped with a 3″ LCD screen,HD display for easy reading,you can read the data clearly even under the sun,it can display the output/input power.

aligoo 300w 266wh protable power solar generator

aligoo 300w 266wh protable power solar generator


AC Continuous Power: 300 watts
AC Peak Power: 600W
DC Output: 12V 10A
USB 3.0 Output: 5V 3A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A
Item Dimensions: 9.3*5.5*8.3 inches
Item Weight: 4.3 Kilograms
Voltage:14.8 Volts
AC Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Aligoo 300W protable power station
What’s in the box?

Aligoo power station x1
jumper cable x1
AC/DC Adapter cable x1
Car Charger Cable x1
Bag x1
User Manual x1

1. Please fully charge the power station before using it for the first time.
2. Please charge the power station at least once every 3 months.
3. AS300-J will be turned off automatically in 6 hours when being drawed under 10W power for power saving.

Inverter Load(continuous):

Battery Capacity

Battery Cell Type
Lithium Battery NCM
Lithium Battery NCM
Lithium Battery NCM
Lithium Battery NCM
Lithium Battery NCM

Pure Sine Wave

Product Size

Net weight


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