Battery for 5kva Generator Price in Nigeria



A battery for a 5KVA generator is an essential ​component that provides‌ backup power during electricity ‌outages or when the generator is not running. It stores electrical energy and⁤ releases it whenever ⁤required to power various ​appliances and devices connected to the ⁤generator.

The battery ⁣for a 5KVA generator typically possesses several features that ‍make it⁣ suitable for this specific application. ‌Some of these features include:

1.⁣ Capacity: The ‍battery has a specific capacity rating,​ typically measured in ampere-hours (Ah), which determines how long it ‍can provide ⁣power when fully‍ charged. A higher capacity‌ battery can supply power for longer periods.

2. Voltage: The battery operates at a specific ​voltage, usually 12 volts for small generators. It ‌provides a ‌steady and reliable power source to the generator.

3. Maintenance-free:⁣ Many batteries for 5KVA generators are designed to be​ maintenance-free. This means they ‌do ⁢not require​ regular water refilling ​or electrolyte checks, making them convenient and hassle-free to use.

4. Deep cycle capability: Deep‌ cycle batteries are designed to discharge⁢ a significant amount of​ their capacity while still maintaining their performance and longevity. This feature is particularly important in ⁣generator batteries as they often experience frequent discharge and‍ recharge cycles.

5. Recharge efficiency: The battery should have high recharge efficiency, allowing ‍it‍ to recharge quickly and effectively when ⁣connected to an external power

Details About Battery for 5kva Generator Price in Nigeria

Price: $25.70
(as of Sep 09,2023 22:00:46 UTC – Details)

Generators have become a necessity in most commercial establishments, industries, hospitals, banks, cabins and remote buildings, construction sites and residential complexes in India. Generators must be powered with a strong Genset battery to support their multiple applications. Exide Genplus range of Genset batteries are high on performance, low on maintenance and designed to meet all your requirements when it comes to various Genset applications.

The batteries are tailor-made for Gensets operating under extreme conditions in India. Every generator battery comes with a 24 month warranty. The price at which the Exide Genset battery comes for is designed to meet every budget. The batteries provide excellent starting ability and high storage life amongst a host of other features, which make them a favourable choice to power various Genset applications.

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