Rose gold engagement rings

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Her to buy the best Rose Gold Engagement Rings? Engagement rings are the ultimate expression of love, which is why their design requires a personal touch. Here, it’s easy to design the engagement ring of your dreams, down to the last detail. Choose from hundreds of lovingly handcrafted engagement settings in a range of popular styles including solitaire, pavé, and halo. So check below for the best unique rose gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings set for you.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings


Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When it’s time to ask someone to marry you, many factors go into the decision. Of course, the jewelry that you choose is one of the most important to consider. From classic designs to something as unique as your partner, finding that perfect ring can easily showcase your love. Unlike regular gold bands, a pink hue puts a modern twist on the classic style. If you’re on the search for jewelry that showcases your relationship, here are the most beautiful rose gold engagement rings for a romantic proposal.

1. Nudo 18-Karat Rose and White Gold Diamond Ring

Make the ultimate statement about your love with the Nudo diamond ring. Featuring brilliant-cut G-H VS  diamonds on a rose gold setting, the handmade jewelry is stunning. The cast of this piece resembles a multi-faceted structure that shines beautifully from every angle. It is a timeless design that is sure to set her heart alight!


Nudo 18 Karat Rose And White Gold Diamond Ring

2. Move Uno 18-Karat Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Ideal for a modern engagement, the  MoveUno ring features a simple and delicate design. With an 18-karat rose gold band and round cut diamonds, this is the perfect option for your partner. The unique style of the jewelry makes for an ideal standout piece- hinted with sparkles for a bedazzled finish. The G VS1 diamonds are presented in a halo with a simple rose gold band – it makes for the perfect representation of your love.


Move Uno 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Ring

3. Round Diamond Solitaire 14k Engagement Ring

For the person who loves simplicity, you can’t look past this engagement ring. With around 1ct diamond in a rose gold setting, it’s a brilliant representation of your love. Watch as the jewel sparkles in the light and makes your partner’s hands shine – it’s finished with a G-H and SI color and clarity rating, respectively. The thick and polished band accentuates the jewel in the center and is sure to shine bright like your future.


Round Diamond Solitaire 14k Engagement Ring

4. 18kt Rose Gold Floral Diamond Ring

Nothing says ‘forever’ like a diamond, and this floral engagement ring is the perfect option for your next step to that goal. Featuring a 0.5ct round cut jewel in the center and surrounded by sparkling petals, it’s set in 18kt rose gold. Its vintage design is sure to set hearts alight, and the polished finish will shine beautifully on the wearer’s finger.


18kt Rose Gold Floral Diamond Ring

5. Rock Candy by EFFY Diamond Halo Cluster Ring 

For those who love exceptional sparkle, the Rock Candy engagement ring is a perfect choice. Featuring a 1-1/3 ct diamond halo cluster and stunning rose gold setting, it’s the best way to celebrate your love. It’s diamond color, and clarity ratings are H-I and 12, respectively – it will shine so bright that you’ll want to look at it every second of the day.


Rock Candy By Effy Diamond Halo Cluster Ring

6. 18kt Rose Gold Diamond Serpent Bohème Toi et Moi

Perfect for the unique partner, this rose gold ring is made for the bold. Featuring a serpent design, it pays homage to the necklace that Frédéric Boucheron bought his wife in 1888. The Boheme Toi et Moi engagement ring celebrates eternal love and offers an exquisite set of 0.67ct diamonds wrapped in an 18kt rose gold setting.


18kt Rose Gold Diamond Serpent Bohème Toi Et Moi

7.  Diamond Heart Cluster Ring

The romantic 1/2 cut diamond heart arrangement and rose gold band make for a beautiful statement that will look amazing on your partner. With an intricate design and a stunning sparkling finish, this is the perfect piece of jewelry to showcase your relationship.


Diamond Heart Cluster Ring

8. 18kt Rose Gold Happy Precious Ring

For those who are genuinely unique, this Chopard precious ring is the best way to showcase your love. With a flower design and pavé diamond trim, this sparkling jewelry represents drops of water. The center of the engagement piece cascades light and flickers with brilliance – for love as undying as yours, why not show it off in style?


18kt Rose Gold Happy Precious Ring

9. Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

For those who love elegant and timeless styles, this engagement ring is the perfect option. With a 2ct diamond cushion halo and band, this is a beautiful piece that looks exquisite on any finger. Its clarity and color rating are HI, and SI2-I1, set in 18kt rose gold. The focal jewel in the center will sparkle brightly on the wearer and is sure to set hearts alight.


Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

10. Certified Round Diamond Engagement Ring

To show the one you love how much they mean to you, why not say it with this engagement ring? Encrusted with pavé diamonds and milgrain edges, this is a delicate and stunning piece that will captivate the wearer. It’s also perfect for those who prefer understated designs with an elegant and timeless touch.

Best Designs For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When most people think about buying diamond rings, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that they are made of platinum or white gold. However, did you know that rose gold is fast becoming a popular choice of metal because of its unusual pinkish hue?

A rose gold engagement ring is the perfect choice for people who want a piece of jewelry that looks distinct and classy. And because rose gold is so versatile (colors available from light pink to amber with proper alloying), jewelers have begun to offer a variety of contemporary and vintage ring designs.

In today’s article, I want to show you some of the best rose gold engagement rings designs available in the market. Let’s get started…

14K Simple Rose Gold Engagement Ring (Six Prong)

14k solitaire cheap rose gold engagement ring

This knife edge solitaire ring setting is a no-frills design and super budget friendly option for you. With a simple 6-prong design, this ring can hold any shape of diamonds and offers great security for the stone.

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings With Etched Profile

etched profile rose colored diamond ring

With heavy influence from vintage Hollywood style, this beautiful ring features etched rope shanks and milgrain beading. While simple, this solitaire rose gold engagement ring displays an aura of elegance like no other.

Simple Rose Gold Cable Solitaire Diamond Ring

rose gold cable rope design ring

This hypnotic engagement ring has twisted gold cables to create an alluring backdrop for your center diamond. For people who are looking for a matching wedding band, you would be pleased to know that there are various options available.

Sleek 1.5mm Comfort Fit Rose Colored Diamond Ring

comfort fit ring brownish color james allen

Featuring an ergonomically designed comfort fit band, the simplicity of the ring allows the center diamond to take center stage. A great design for people who want to wear their engagement ring day in day out.

James Allen has hundreds of rose gold diamond ring designs waiting to be discovered. Be sure to check out their revolutionary 360 degrees videos to see them upclose!

20k Rose Gold Verragio Half Eternity Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

half eternity halo engagement ring 20k rose gold

Imagine your loved one wearing this exquisite Verragio Insignia creation. With more than 0.85 ctw of finely selected diamond melees, this ring will shine with an undeniable “Wow!” factor. A delicately crafted halo surrounds the center stone to add additional brilliance.

18k Rose Gold Vatche Felicity Solitaire Engagement Ring

vatche felicity 20k rose gold

The Vatche “Felicity” ring is a stylish take on the classic solitaire ring design. Part of White Flash’s Serenity Collection, this ring makes good use of smooth, flowing lines to create a timeless appearance.

18k Rose Gold Ritani Bezel-Set Halo Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

ritani endless love bezel antique rose gold setting

A popular design from the Endless Love Collection by Ritani, this rose gold diamond ring has a characteristic halo that sparkles with the bezel set center stone. From the top view, the halo creates an illusion of a single large diamond when seen from a distance.

18k Rose Gold Tacori Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring

tacori rose gold engagement rings

Tacori has infused a modern and yet conventional feel to this ring. Melee diamonds line the side profile of highly polished rose gold shanks. The most notable feature of this ring lies in the “blooming” crown of spotlight enhancers which create a twinkling effect.

Simon G. “Passion” Rose Gold Engagement Ring

simon g passion halo ring in rose gold

This effeminate Simon G designer ring has a center stone that is encircled by a gleaming cushion shaped diamond halo. With a row of diamonds lining each side of the shank, the melee stones add a striking shimmer to the entire piece.

White Flash offers a huge variety of designer engagement rings from brands like Tacori, Verragio, Ritani and more. If you are looking for rings that stand out from the crowd, you need to check them out!

The Anita Halo – Brian Gavin Signature Collection

rose gold wedding rings

The Anita Halo utilizes a cushion shaped halo for the center stone and creates a soft touch to the ring’s appearance. As a final touch to the intricate ring details, a heart shaped motif is also carved into the side profile of the ring.

Elle Ring – The Rainier Collection

unique rose gold engagement rings

Bold and modern with a twist of vintage inspiration, this sophisticated ring design boasts a tapered shank with french set melees. A magnificent gift of love, this ring is guaranteed to make heads turn.

Classic Truth Sleek Micro Pave Rose Gold Ring

simple rose gold engagement rings

This captivating ring features Brian Gavin’s signature “Truth” head and has decorated micro pave set diamonds along its shanks. This ring design from Brian Gavin is one of my personal all-time favorite.

Diana Ring – Brian Gavin Signature 3 Stone Ring

diana ring rose and white gold

This 3 stone rose gold diamond ring features a crown-like setting and has elegant sweeping lines to showcase the diamonds. With a minimalist focus on design, the streamlined shanks makes the ring stands out.

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