Tim Hortons Original Blend


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Brand Tim Hortons
Diet Type Kosher
Item Form Capsule
Flavor Original
Caffeine Content CaffeinatedAbout this item
Medium Roast: Our original blend coffee is expertly roasted, delivering a perfectly balanced flavor with a smooth finish. Our signature blend has not changed in over 50 years and only three lucky people know the recipe.
Compatible with Keurig: Our Original Blend coffee capsules are made for use with Keurig single-serve coffee brewers.
Top-Quality Beans: We only use 100% Arabica beans from the most renowned regions of Central and South America that are carefully selected by our experts to consistently deliver the best blend possible.
Doing Our Part: We care about the earth and our community as much as we care about the quality of our coffee. We encourage you to empty the grounds of your used pods and recycle them if it is available in your area.
Cup of Canada: Whether you like a dark roast, a classic cup of tea, or the rich flavor of french vanilla, we have a wide variety of coffee, tea, and specialty beverages that feature our signature flavors, ready for you to enjoy any time of day.Tim Hortons is Canada’s favorite coffee for a reason. For over 50 years, we have overseen every step in our coffee process to ensure we offer you the quality you deserve. Our Original Blend Single-Serve Coffee Pods are compatible with Keurig coffee makers, which means you can fill your mug whenever the mood strikes. Just pop a capsule in, and seconds later you can customize your cup. Drink it black, with milk, or add two creams and two sugars to make our signature “Double Double” at home. If you’re feeling like having something sweet and creamy, simply add flavored syrup or whipped cream for a café-style creation. We roast our own beans to ensure your coffee will taste the same cup after cup. Tim Hortons is happy to serve you coffee with care, from bean to cup and invite you to share our sentiment of positivity and togetherness with your community. In 1964, celebrated hockey legend Tim Horton opened our first coffee shop in a small town in Canada, serving our “Always Fresh” premium coffee blends to coffee-loving Canadians. Today Tim’s vision of creating a place where everyone was welcome to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee has spread to locations throughout Canada, the U.S., and now, the world. We are proud to serve you an amazing cup of coffee whether you enjoy it as your morning wakeup call or as an afternoon pick-me-up, from home, or from one of our worldwide locations.

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