StrongTek Adjustable Piano Foot Rest for Kids



Today it is more important than ever to find the right StrongTek Adjustable Piano Foot Rest for Kids to use at the office. From pricing to functionality, these products are available at different levels, so it’s important that you find just the right pair. This article will allow you to compare a number of different brands and models in your search for the ideal option.

Material Wood
Brand StrongTek
Frame Material WoodAbout this item
SUPPORTIVE PIANO FOOTREST STAND: A simple, effective way to support young piano players when they’re practicing or part of a concert. These cute, adjustable steps give their legs just the right boost they need when they sit down to play.
IMPROVE POSTURE & REDUCE FATIGUE: The perfect piano accessories for beginners. Our adjustable footrest keeps little feet from dangling, kicking, or moving around if your child can’t yet reach the floor for better overall playing posture.
SIMPLE, QUICK-ADJUST HEIGHT: Our piano footrest for kids features 5 adjustable height choices to “grow” alongside your young musician and to help them find proper knee bend and comfort while they’re playing.
PREMIUM LAUAN HARDWOOD: These lightweight yet durable piano accessories are made with high-quality Lauan plywood to stand up to shoes tapping along with the beat and kids who play regularly.
INTERLOCKING STABILITY SYSTEM: Crafted with a smart interlocking design this piano footrest for kids offers enhanced stability so it doesn’t rock, move, or sway as your child is shifting or moving along with the music.Product Description
Support Young Piano Players’ Posture with an Adjustable StrongTek Foot Rest
When children are young and still too short to reach the floor, their legs dangle off the piano seat when they’re sitting in front of it to play. And if they’re swinging their legs or always sliding forward it can impact their play, the quality of the piece, and their overall confidence. That’s why we created the StrongTek Piano Foot Rest specifically for kids. Offering five adjustable heights and a well-balanced base, these versatile foot rests can provide children of all ages a nice, supportive base so they can keep their feet comfortably in place until they’ve grown into the seat.

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