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Premium Ceramic Coating for Cars Want to buy? we can help. If you want to get the best possible Premium Ceramic Coating for Cars , it’s important to make an informed decision. With so many options, finding the best option for your needs can be a real challenge. The good news is that we have done all the research for you. We have analyzed the market and put together a list of the hottest Premium Ceramic Coating for Cars sold today that won’t break your bank. Our product is amazing! You will be very happy with our choice [Product name] is designed to last a long time, so you don’t need to replace it immediately! What are you looking for? Order one of our


Brand The Last Coat
Item Form Aerosol
Item Weight 8 OuncesAbout this item
CAR DETAILING SPRAY FOR QUICK GLOSSY SHINE IN SECONDS Just three simple steps and you’re all set! Spray your microfiber towel and then spread easily with the same towel. Use another towel to buff to a high gloss shine! No need to get out buckets, or any brushes! While the average time differs (20 sec – 3 min), this water-based liquid car coating infusion sprays on easily and is free of oil and silicone.
CAR WAX THAT WORKS GREAT ON MANY SURFACES The Last Coat works on all surfaces including leather seats, dashboards, instrument panels and more. It is even great in your household, working wonders on your kitchen appliances, electronics, and glass! An Average Sized Car Takes Only 1-2 Ounces for Full Coverage.
CERAMIC COATING DESIGNED TO PROTECT AND REDUCE HARMFUL EFFECTS Protect your vehicle from water, dirt, salt, UV rays, and more. With The Last Coat, you are able to cover up light surface abrasions such as spider-web swirls. Keeps coated surfaces cleaner longer, AND makes it simpler to maintain. The Last Coat car coating is a gentle and effective car sealant for any vehicle! Get a clean, shiny finish without hurting your car’s paint.
THE LAST COAT PROMISE We made a promise to ourselves, to always hold our product quality and customer service to the highest standard, and we make that promise to every customer we serve. Our mission is so that every customer that has purchased one of our products feels they had a great experience from start to finish! This is what helps make The Last Coat products the best gifting options for Car Professionals and Enthusiasts alike! They’re going to love it!
WORLD CLASS QUALITY PRODUCTS We stand behind our product’s quality and if you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason, let us know and we’ll make it right. The Last Coat products leave all surfaces polished, protected, and silky smooth – Guaranteed. We are so sure you will love The Last Coat,, we are backing it up with a 30-day guarantee. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love it, we will refund you within 30 days. Try it now risk free!Product Description
Created by “Do-it-Yourself” types, The Last Coat (TLC) was formulated and perfected by a professional team of detailers and car enthusiasts alike (whose careers depend on surfaces looking their absolute best at all times) and is proudly manufactured right here in the USA. Passionate about offering new solutions to the long-established industry of car care products, the company was built on a true American foundation of hard work ethic, a quality product line, and providing exceptional service for customers.
We proudly offer 8 oz size – perfect for travel applications, saddlebags on motorcycles.
At the end of the day, what this means for you is less is needed, less residue, more durability, and more ease of use than ever before.
So if you want to detail your car so it’s 100% promised to be shiny, smooth and spotless on the first application… without having to spend hours on end sweating out in the sun… and without having to worry about how one week later, the car looks like it hasn’t even been washed in weeks
More shine, more slickness, more hydrophobic properties… but especially, more durability. More in 16 oz bottle!
What’s the Science Behind TLC2 That Makes it So Different?
The science behind our upgraded version of The Last Coat is very unique in the industry. There are lots of durable products, but the challenge was finding the formula that allowed the same versatility and ease of use as our original formula, but with much stronger durability and hardness. We’ve taken the best properties of true ceramic coating products along with our original formulation and combined them into a microemulsion formula. All this means is that the “mesh knitting” of the formula is so tight that once bonded and fully cured, it makes it much more difficult for chemicals and road debris to get in and “uproot” the coating. It has a mild positive charge which means it adheres to all surfaces including bare metal surfaces. It is more likely to repel dust than before. You also benefit from a lowered surface tension to bead water (so tighter beads and less chance for serious baked in water spots).
And What This Means for YOU…
The Most Versatile & Durable “All In One” Easy to Use, DIY Coating Available Today
Goes on Easy, and Wipes Off Even Easier, No Matter the Age or Shape You’re In.
Easiest Coating You’ll Ever Use
Protection and Coating Last Up to 6 Months!
Extremely hydrophobic and UV protectant
Smooth, Glass-Like Feel in Seconds Even on First Application.
Gives Surfaces a Deep and Glossy Appearance.
Leaves No Streaking, and No Residue.
Keeps Surfaces Cleaner Longer – Makes Future Cleanings a Breeze
Protects your vehicle from water, dirt, salt, UV rays, and more.
Bonds and Sets within 7 Minutes, No Long Curing Times Needed. (for maximum durability against crazy chemical testing, give it 24 hours).
Can Be Layered within 10 Minutes for Enhanced Protection and Depth of Shine.
An Average Sized Car Takes Only 1-2 Ounces for Full Coverage!
Based on the Latest Breakthroughs in
Works on paint, chrome, glass, plastics, leather, vinyl, stainless steel, and more!
100% Made in the USA!
We have all you need!
SIZE 16 oz 4 oz 32 oz 16 oz 16 oz

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