Nitrile Gloves 100Pcs 1000 Pcs Disposable Blue


Let’s say maintaining a farm is hard work. You never know when you will need Nitrile Gloves 100Pcs 1000 Pcs Disposable Blue – to move dirt, mix fertilizer, harvest crops or even clean the house. That’s why we at [company name] Nitrile Gloves 100Pcs 1000 Pcs Disposable Blue are specially tailored to the needs of farmers like you! Are you a farmer or a householder? Someone who has his hands full and needs a lot of tools and equipment for his job? Then leave it to the professionals – our Nitrile Gloves 100Pcs 1000 Pcs Disposable Blue is made just for you! Each tool is designed with your lifestyle in mind, so you can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Fabric Type Nitrile
Origin Imported
Material Nitrile
Recommended Uses For Product Food Handling
Special Feature Waterproof, Stretchable, Abrasion Resistant, Tear Resistant, Food GradeAbout this item
The features about nitrile glove: Flexibility and well fit, it doesn’t cling to your arms and fingers; Chemical Resistance; Tear resistance; Electrical resistance, environmental friendly.
Compared with latex glove: it does not cause allergy, and its are tear resistance; Compared with vinyl or vinyl blend gloves: it is more elastic and environmental.
These are food grade gloves, you can handle food with clean gloves.
Applicable situation: cooking, cleaning, serving, hairdressing, tatto, light working, etc.
It has a superior grip, and can be used with many touchscreen phones and devices.Product Description
Nitrile gloves
Meterial is Butadiene and acrylonitrile (NBR).
Anaphylaxis: Rarely allergic. No protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances
Chemical Resistance: Oil,acid and alkali resistance,The greater the thickness, the better the resistance, but not for too long
Degradable and Environmental:Yes
Latex gloves
What’s the latex gloves?
Meterial is Natural latex.
Anaphylaxis: Prone to allergic.Contains protein.
Chemical Resistance: Only resist part of the organic solvent
Degradable and Environmental:Yes
Blend Nitrile gloves
What’s the blend nitrile gloves/ Vinyl-Nitrile gloves?
Meterial are PVC and NBR
Anaphylaxis: Rarely allergic
Chemical Resistance:Resistant to weak acids and bases
Degradable and Environmental:No
Vinyl gloves
What’s the vinyl gloves?
Meterial is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Anaphylaxis: Rarely allergic
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to weak acids and bases
Degradable and Environmental:No

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