Med PRIDE Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves (Large


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Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Recommended Uses For Product Medical
Special Feature Latex Free,Disposable
Reusability Disposable
Size Large (Pack of 100)About this item
Medical Exam Vinyl Gloves – Designed for handling bodily fluids, or for food service use, our latex-free gloves help provide reliable protection
Thick, Heavy-Duty Resilience – Crafted with a 4 mils thick PVC, these versatile medical gloves are stronger than nitrile or latex while still giving you the dexterity and control you need for needles or equipment.
Commercial or Industrial Use – These vinyl medical exam gloves can be used by emergency personnel, home or hospice care, lab technicians, elder care specialists, veterinarian and medical staff, and dental professionals.
Various Sizes Available – These power free exam gloves are 9.5” long, can be worn on either the right or left hand, and fit men and women equally. They also come in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes for more versatility.
Bulk Box Order – You’ll receive a total of 100 total gloves to suit any office or service need. And because they come in compact, stackable boxes, they’re easy to store, and they’re also disposable for quick, safe, and simple clean up.Product Description
Vinyl Exam Gloves by Medpride
Medpride is a growing brand of disposable medical products manufactured by the Shield Line Company. Medpride is proud to introduce the Disposable Vinyl Exam Gloves.
Make protecting your own health and the health of your patients or customers a priority by choosing Medpride medical-grade vinyl examination gloves.
Whether you’re handling bodily fluids, or even food, avoiding cross-contamination is essential to your health and that of anyone else who could come in contact with what you’re touching.
We created latex and powder free Medpride Medical Examination Gloves to enhance your personal safety without limiting your control or dexterity.
Latex-Free Construction
Great choice for people with sensitive skin, prone to irritation or, allergic to latex.
Enjoy irritation free use over long periods of time.
Ambidextrous Design
Our gloves can be used by both men and women, righties or lefties thanks to the ambidextrous design.
4-mil Thick Vinyl
With far superior resilience, Vinyl surpasses both Latex and Nitrile gloves in puncture resistance and durability
Heavy Duty Protection With Intact Dexterity
These heavy-duty, laboratory safe gloves over tactile sensitivity, a comfortable fit, and better protection when responding to medical emergencies, managing animals, handling food, and so much more.
Enjoy the best fit possible without sacrificing your dexterity, when fine handling is required.
Medical-Grade Vinyl Gloves
Smooth, Loose-Fit Comfort
Latex and Powder Free
Examination or Food Service Use
Right and Left-Handed Wear
Glove Length: 9.5” (Tip to Cuff)
Thickness: 4 Mil
Protect your hands and your health with heavy-duty latex-free examination gloves from Medpride

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