Kerrits Kids Knee Patch Performance Tight Amethyst/Geo Bits Amethyst Size


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Brand O’keefe Prints
Material Linen
Theme Movie
Is framed? No
Orientation LandscapeAbout this item
The perfect gift for the golfer in your life!
Recommended framing instructions includedDavid’s Inspiration “The original painting was a commissioned piece for Steve Garske, the CEO of Par Aide, who wanted all the characters from the movie in one painting. Steve had seen my tribute to the Godfather, and contacted us about doing a similar painting, but with the cast of Caddyshack.I was going to put them on the nice, perfectly manicured grass of the golf course but I decided to put them in the rough. I thought it fit the characters better, plus I wanted to hide stuff in the plants and trees. I hid the name of my wife, Janice, in the flowers. It was a fun painting to do, partly because of the movie itself and partly because it’s an outdoor scene and you have the full spectrum of light and then you have golf, which is the most colorful sport and garish, especially in the late ’70s. It was supposed to be a movie about Danny Noonan, but then Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield totally took the movie in a different direction. I only left a few cast members out and I put the main four characters front and center. I was totally finished and getting ready to varnish it and I had the lightning in, but not the bishop. I watched the movie again and decided I had to put the bishop in”

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