Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Black


The Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Black is a very important tool that you need when you are working on any kind of furniture. There are different types of Self-Propelled Wheelchairs , and they all have different uses. For example, the Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Black is used to cut wood pieces according to certain sizes and lengths. We also have other tools like hack saw blades and circular saw blades made with quality materials that will help you make your furniture faster with less efforts needed. We have a wide selection of Karman 24 pounds LT-980 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Black for you to choose from. We know it is hard to find the best quality furniture tools that will last so we made sure that all our products are made from materials that do not break easily. Durability and strength are what we provide for all our products. We also have a wide range of furniture products like laser cut parts, tables, chairs, beds and many more.

Brand Karman Healthcare
Color Black
Item Weight 25 Pounds
Style Swing Away Footrest
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13 x 31 x 32 inchesAbout this item
Fixed armrest with wide cushioned arm pads
Swing In/Away Removable Footrest, Adjustable Height Footplates with heel loops.Back Height:19 inch
Backrest Pouch attached to the upholstery, Folding backrest and folding seat for easy traveling
6″×1” Polyurethane solid front casters, Seat width: 18″x 16″
22″ x 1 3/8” flat free polyurethane tires, high tread, flat free wheels
The braking mechanism is very conveniently located for the person sitting in the chair since it’s on the left-hand side and within easy reach. The LT-980 had incorporates handbrakes at the wheel of the chair so that the user could activate them if neededFrom the manufacturer
Adjustable Seat Height
Custom seat height for each user. Most users may require some adjustability in their wheelchairs. This two position not only allows the height to be adjusted, but also the angle for which a user may wish to position their pressure in a wheelchair. These are optional adjustments and proper height and positioning should be advised by your medical professional.
Options Available
Anti Tippers available as safety. This is a standard must if you live and/or travel in a hill or decline area. Most users will not need such extra parts just by simply mobilizing on a horizontal platform. Having this is a safety feature for your travel destinations. It is easily removeable through a pin attached an release mechanism which is tool-less.
Soft Touch Brake Tip
The high quality on every component. With a soft touch grip handle and hardware built to stand the test of time, Karman brakes are uniquely designed to ensure form, fit and function. This brake unit does not share with any other brand or design and is unique to our brand.
Removable Footrest
Swing away footrest are standard. These high strength poly-resin based were designed specifically with impact resistant, brittleness resistance and injection molded with an architecture that brings lightweight and strength into your wheelchair. This design allows us to continue to lighten the over weight of the wheelchair to under 24 lbs. You may choose to flip up, remove, or rest your feet while operating the wheelchair.
Karman LT-980 Series
LT-980 – Karman Ultralightweight Wheelchair with Non-Marking Light-Grey Color Wheels
The LT-980 is the most competitively priced, available wheelchair weighing in at 24 lbs., ultra lightweight, lightest weight, best priced k4 wheelchair. This chair comes in a 18″ seat width, which is the most popular seat size for manual wheelchairs. Find out why this is one of our best sellers through reviews and standing the test of time in getting the lower priced true entry level into the ultralight weight category. Our polyurethane non marking light grey wheels is perfect for indoor and carpet use. Not only do we have the ability to keep our wheels squeaky clean, but there is a specially made handgrip for ease of manual propel when using the wheelchair. A truly unique chair that will excel amongst most traditional entry level wheelchair.

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