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Age Range (Description) Kid
Brand Hand2mind
Included Components 30 Fraction Dominoes
Number of Players 2+
Style Fraction DominoesAbout this item
FRACTION GAMES: Teach students to name fractions and decimals, comparing and ordering fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and model different operations involving fractions.
UNIT FRACTION MATH MANIPULATIVES: The plastic dominoes have either numerical values, values represent by fraction circles or squares. The plastic math tiles are durable and easy to clean.
FRACTION DOMINOES GAME: Students can use the dominoes tiles to play a game of dominoes where students match values to form a train of dice. They are perfect for adding and subtracting fractions.
4TH GRADE MATH: Students often struggle to visualize and understand the concept of fractions. Fraction tiles enable them to see the difference between various denominators. The proportionally sized tiles help students compare fractional values.
MONTESSORI MATERIALS: The bright and colorful tiles make learning fractions fun and engaging for your kids. The fraction manipulatives allow your students to develop a deeper understanding of fractions through hands-on experiences. Our math manipulative fraction strips are Montessori themed, meaning that they’re hands-on for kids to learn on their own.From the manufacturer
Product perks
Find equivalent fractions to make matches with colorful dominoes
Practice adding and subtracting fractions
Dominoes have either numerical values or values represented by circles or bars
Durable plastic is easy to clean
Build Strong Math Skills
These dominoes allow you to represent fractions in many different ways
Match the Different Representations
Help children engage in their learning
Hands-on Learning
Practice math by doing activities
Family Game Night
Great for a traditional game of dominoes
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Math category Adding & subtracting fractions Number sense, subitizing, addition & subtraction Counting, place value & number patterns Name fractions & relate fractions to a whole unit Naming fractions & relate fractions to a whole unit Number line, counting & solve simple math

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