DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Covers



As a full-grain leather shoe, the Waterproof Classic is tough, durable and water resistant. This shoe features double stitching at stress points, to extend the life of your Shoe Care & Accessories . When you step out into the stormy weather these Shoe Care & Accessories will keep you warm and dry, thanks to its rubberized sole which also protects you in the pouring rain. Our classic collection of rubber Shoe Care & Accessories , like these waterproof DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Covers Shoe Care & Accessories , are hand-painted with care by skilled artisans who carefully apply a quality rubber coating to the full-grain leather uppers. The result is a pair of quality rubber Shoe Care & Accessories that look great and last over time, no matter how unpredictable the weather gets. This classic DryGuy BootGlove Ski Boot Covers pair fits a wide variety of feet and is ideal for wearing with jeans and work pants, as well as skirts, dresses, and more. The traditional lacing system makes it easy to customize the fit – whether you need to cinch them tight or loosen them up a bit. And you get all of this at the best price from us.

Helps retain up to +20 degrees inside the boot
Includes thermal reflective adhesive strips for additional insulation from inside the boot
Adjustable Velcro heel strap for ease of use and adjustment
Side abrasion resistant patches for durability and wear
Wind and water resistant neoprene material

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