Daviky Weekly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day



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Brand Daviky
Color Rainbow
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Reminder TrueAbout this item
[Portable but Large Enough]: Inner daily pill box is compact but with a large capacity to hold 8 fish oils/15 small vitamins/15 capsules. Daily pill box organizer can fit your pocket or purse without being bulky, great pill container for travel or daily use (Each compartment size: 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 0.67″)
[Double Protection Design]: The trendy design of premium solid ABS outer container and high-quality food-grade PP pill organizer with the double protection to secure your pills and keep your medicine safe, and snap-shut lips pill organizer am pm can protect your pills from spilling out
[Moisture-Proof Design]: Moisture-proof pill organizer 2 times a day keeps your drugs away from dampness, avoids breeding ground for bacteria Sealed snaps, and inner daily pill organizer for double protection store meds in dry condition
[Out with One-Day Medicine]: 7 day pill organizer with “AM” “PM” 2 times a day mark. Separate pill box for each day of the week, you can take each day out and take that with you instead of the whole 7 day pill box
[Never Rubber Off]: Two side edges of the pill box 7 day are printed with a day of the week for easy recognition without turning around to find the date like the round pill organizer. The printings of the weekly pill organizer 2 times a day have passed the critical 3M adhesives & tapes test, so you don’t worry if the printings will rub offProduct Description
Still need to sort or organize your pills day by day and feels annoying about it?
Still worry about forgetting take your medicine some time?
Still bothering by taking so many medicine bottles while traveling?
Still can’t find an easy open pill organizer for the one we love?
We recommend you our 7 Day Pill Organizer!
From now on, you don’t need to worry about above problems!
Our weekly pill organizer will help you organize your pills very easy, keep tracking for the pills.
7 days pill box provides you a enough storage during your traveling.
Easy open design,the elderly or patients can also open the pill organizer.
Easy to Open
With easy open design, the elderly or patients can also open the medication organizer
Easy to Track
From Sunday to Saturday, AM/PM design will always remind you what to take by the day
Large Capacity
Our pill organizer 2 times a day is with a large storage, you’ll never have to worry about there is not enough storage for your medication
BPA FREE Material
Reliable food-grade material for better protection of your health
Overall 5.8”x 2.4”x 2.7” and 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 0.67” for each compartment is very portable for you to carry, not matter go to work, school or travel
Easy to See Through
The pill case is very clear, easy to see through
For whom to useļ¼Ÿ
– Elderly people
– When under multiple medications or vitamin
– Individuals with memory loss
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