[100 Pack] Clear Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Plastic Gloves


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Material Vinyl, Plastic
Recommended Uses For Product Cleaning Gloves,Cleansing,Kitchen,Food Service
Special Feature Powder Free,Disposable
Reusability Disposable
Size Small (Pack of 100)About this item
Pull On closure
Comfy Package Small Clear Disposable Vinyl Gloves [100 Pack]
Puncture & Tearing Free – Thicker clear plastic to avoid tearing and puncturing yet enough stretch for finger flexibility.
Strong Barrier – For kitchen or cleaning, these gloves provide a barrier from chemicals, odors etc.
Perfect Ambidextrous Fit – Fits well with both right and left hand to avoid confusion.
Multi-Purpose – Powder-free gloves, great as food service gloves, cleaning gloves, food prep gloves and much more.From the brand
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