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Your phone screen is the key to your phone, which means that it’s the most vulnerable part of your phone. Also the touch screen on your cell phone screen is the first thing most people will touch if you have an iPhone, which means that any damage can be pretty expensive and also run the risk of having a non-working phone screen. The best way to protect your phone screen is to get a screen protector like our glass shield protectors. We can save you up to 80% off on our high quality product like how to fix cracks on cell phone screen online and how to fix cracks on phone screen online with warranty

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Showpin Smart Phones Suction Cup Tool Opening Pliers Repair LCD Screen, 3 in 1 iPhone Repair Tool Prying Tool Compatible with Cell Phone/Laptop/Tablet PC
Price : $10.99
Features :

  • Shopwin 3 in 1 opening repair tool kit is professtional tool that compatible with repairing moble devices, iPhone, iPads, iPods or any other smart phones.Good helper to remove LCD screen when you need repair your mobile phone.
  • Easy use- put cell phone on fixed support, put strength to press PVC suction cup to catch up cell phone. And then put forth effort on tool handle,which easily separate mobile phone LCD screen. 4.7 inches(45mm in diameter) multi-angle PVC Super Strong Suction Cup make it easier to take apart every gadgets you want.
  • Patent design for Dual Heads Flexible Opening Tool – good flexibility and resilience force protect electronic products undamaged from the rigid impact. The dual heads flexible opening tool is special for iphone,use this tool can be light easily separated from avoid directly broken or damadged the screen.
  • The material of main body of the product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic plastic which is durable. Ergonomically designed handle with slip-resistant textured grip for comfortable hold . The most important is that opening plier have position limited when you put forth to handle. Don’t worry about damage your cell phone under strong strength.
  • You can use it to open and repair other size screen carefully to assure the safety of your touch screen. Shopwin 3 in 1 opening repair tool kit is pefect for LCD screen opening and repairing for your smart phone.Owned the opening repair tool kit, you can enjoy the happiness of DIY. And it is also a great gift for your friends who love DIY very much.

Additional Info :

Color Plier
Item Dimensions
Height 4.5275590505 Inches
Width 3.5039370043 Inches
Length 4.9999999949 Inches
Weight 110.231131 Pounds
PZRT 2PCS Metal Flat Spudger Soft Thin Opening Pry Tool Bar Opener Stainless Steel Blade for Mobile Phone Broken Screen Glue Removal Battery Opening Tools Smartphone Parts
Price : $6.99
Features :

  • All metal materials, good hardness, reliable quality and durable.
  • Springy steel blade features an ultra-thin design, allows for easy opening of numerous devices.
  • Professional grade stainless steel construction with sure grip flexible rubber handle ensures repeated use.
  • Professional phone opening tools for replacing batteries, touch screen, LCD, cover etc.
  • Suitable For: all kinds of smart phone, for iPad, for iPod, LCD, laptop, Tablet etc.

Additional Info :

Electric Glue Removal Tool, Professional Glue Clean Machine CJ6+ 100-240V OCA Glue Remover Tool for Mobile Phone LCD Screen Repair
Price : $31.20
Features :

  • Mobile phone LCD screen OCA glue remover.
  • Easy to clean, does not hurt the screen, more convenient and safe.
  • Made from qualified material, it is reliable and durable.
  • Designed to remove oca glue on LCD screen.Ergonomic handle design is anti-skid and comfortable to hold.
  • With professional oca glue remove needle, easy to clean Glue.Compact size, suitable for professional and personal use.

Additional Info :

Color default
Item Dimensions
Height 1.7716535415 Inches
Width 4.1338582635 Inches
Length 6.1023621985 Inches
Mobile Phone Suction Cup Tool LCD Opening Pliers, HPFIX 3 in 1 Screen Removal Tool for Cellphone, iPhone,iPad, iPod, iMac
Price : $9.99
Features :

  • ????【Professional LCD Opening Tool】Mobile phone screen opening tool kit is professional tool that compatible with repairing mobile devices,for iPhone, iPads, iPods or any other brand smart phones.It’s a good helper to open LCD screen when you need repair your mobile phone.
  • ????【Simple and Easy Use】Put cellphone on fixed support, strong suction cup slightly suck on phone front and back,and then hold tool handle, use a little bit of force , it will easily seperate the mobile phone screen.
  • ????【Open All Kinds of Inches Screen】The upgraded Version of our LCD separator can be used to separate all kinds of inches LCD screen. Stronger attraction, uniform stress, easier to separate the screen.
  • ????【Patent Design】The double head available crowbar tool has its design patent. The double thin metal head have good flexibility and resilience to reduce damage to electronic products. Adapt to all sizes of mobile phones and laptops.
  • ????【Perfect Gift】This 2 in 1 opening repair tool kit is perfect for LCD screen opening and repairing for your smart phone. Owned the opening repair tool kit, you can enjoy the happiness of DIY. And it is also a great gift for your friends who love DIY very much.

Additional Info :

Color 3 in 1
21pcs Precision Screwdriver Set Magnetic,GangZhiBao Repair Tools Kit for Fix Phone/iphone,Computer/PC,Tablet/Pad,Watch,PS4 - Replace Screen Battery Camera Small Electronics Open Pry Tool Kits Sets DIY
Price : $10.49
Features :

  • 【PentalobeScrewdriver Set 】p5 Pentalobe screwdriver,PH000 Phillips Screwdriver, Pentalobe T5 Pentalobe T6 Screwdrivers Repair Tool Kit for Apple MacBook Mac Retina Pro Air,T5 for Macbook air & pro repair, it can remove fan screws, including SSD or hard disk replacement. The improved T5 has curved corner tip, which are different from the previous straight corner tip, It will not damage the screws and is more durable.
  • 【 SAFETY 】 for your personal equipments : fix by yourself with this professional-grade repair kits to protect privacy from strangers; you needn’t to ask help from friends or wait for repairing technician or look for a repair center. This electronics repair tools kits can not only save your money and time but protects your personal privacy!
  • 【High-quality Handy MATERIAL 】: Magnetic durable stainless steel tip which is is stable and not easy to stripping and deforming; Plastic handle with rubberized grip; Anti-static ESD tweezers with strong corrosion resistance are used, the tip is not easy to strip and deform. You will found that it’s so high performance after compared with ifixit tool kit.
  • 【 MULTIFUNCTION 】: disassembly, pry opening, take apart macbook, phone, tablet, computer, pc to replace screen, battery or camera lens, clean the dirt inside with electronics tool set; Portable and fit in pocket/backpack – great for home, office, school, business trip, travel.
  • 【 MULTIPURPOSE 】: repair kit set for different digital products, such as Mobile Phones (iPhone6/6s/7/7plus/iphone 8,xs, max, Samsung, LG, HUAWEI, Google, HTC), Computer, PC, laptop, desktop (HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Apple Macbook), Table, iPad, SLR cameras, Game Console (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo), game handle/joystick and other electronic devices. A Great GIFT for IT technician, technical engineer, hacker, electronics enthusiast, fixer, hobbyist, DIYer, student, housewife, ect.

Additional Info :

Color 160pcs
Item Dimensions
Height 0.098425 Inches
Width 0.27559 Inches
Length 0.62992 Inches
Weight 0.42 Pounds
Handy Plastic Card 30 Pcs Pry Opening Scraper for iPad Tablet Cell Phone Glued Screen Back Housing Repair Tool Cell Phone Repair Cards Cellphone Pry
Price : $11.99
Features :

  • *** Plastic Card Pry Opening Scraper
  • *** GPOL STORE 30Pcs Handy Plastic Card Pry Opening Scraper for iPad Tablet Cell Phone Glued Screen/Back Housing Repair Tool
  • *** Two credit card-size plastic opening cards.
  • *** The smooth card slides between parts and help undo clips.
  • *** Designed to scrape or pry while opening or fixing your phone or tablets. Can be used for spreading thermal paste and delicate scraping tasks.

Additional Info :

Ewparts 24 in 1 Uniersal Screwdriver Set Screen Removal Opening Repair Tool Kit for iPhone, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG, iPad, Tablets & Other Devices
Price : $10.99
Features :

  • Basic set of tool kit,available for iPhone, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG, iPad, Tablets & Other Devices
  • Repair Kit With 8 kinds of screwdrivers +4 anti-static tweezers could nearly work with all mobile by yourself
  • Plastic pry tools+big suction cup +metal crowbar make is easier to replace back cover/touch screen/LCD screen /middle frame for any mobile&tablet
  • Specialized adhesive sticker ,allow you glue any flex cable/back cover stable
  • Customized fiber cleaning cloth +Wooden cleaning brush ,clean the dirt inside or ourside of your device

Additional Info :

Color 24 in 1 Tool
Item Dimensions
Height 4.5275590505 Inches
Width 3.5039370043 Inches
Length 4.9999999949 Inches
Weight 0.0001562 Pounds
Kaisiking 11 PCS Screen Suction Cup Kit LCD Screen Opening Tools Screen Replacement Tools for iPad, iMac, MacBook, Tablet, Laptop, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Etc.
Price : $9.99
Features :

  • 【High Quality & Super Suction】- Screen suction cup is made of durable ABS and natural rubber materials, and has a long service life. The suction cup has a lifting capacity of 12 kg (26 lb), which can help you open the phone screen.
  • 【Screen opening tools】- The tools in the screen opening tool set have high hardness and toughness, can be reused, can help open the screen cover, and prevent scratching the casing, which is ideal for professionals and DIY.
  • 【Easy to use】- LCD suction cup with heavy-duty locking handle with latch, easy to use. If you want to open a mobile phone screen other than iPhone, use a tool to remove the glue layer connected to the LCD screen, and then use the screen suction cup to open the screen.
  • 【Wide Application】- Designed for electronic devices, LCD screens, and smooth surface screens. Suitable for opening iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, tablet, laptop, Samsung and other LCD screens.
  • 【LCD Opening Tools】- The LCD opening kit includes 2 heavy-duty suction cups, 1 nylon spudger, 1 double-sided spudger, 2 plastic triangles, 4 auxiliary plastic cards, and 1 microfiber cleaning cloth. Kaisi Tools 30 days no reason to return, 1-year warranty policy.

Additional Info :

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