Pettit Racing Rx8

Unleash the beast within, as we delve into the exciting world of the Pettit Racing Rx8. A masterpiece meticulously crafted by the automotive wizards at Pettit Racing, this exceptional machine embodies power, elegance, and sheer driving pleasure. Brace yourself to embark on a thrilling journey, as we unveil the nuances and innovations that make the Pettit Racing Rx8 truly extraordinary. Join us as we peel back the layers of this automotive marvel and explore its prowess on the road, leaving no rev unexplored and no thrill unexperienced. Are you ready to buckle up and witness the incomparable magic of the Pettit Racing Rx8?



  • £82500 (INC. VAT)


Pettit Racing have worked with Milltek Sport, one of the UK’s premiere exhaust specialists to create a full and modular exhaust system for the RX8.

Featuring huge 4 inch beautifully crafted tips, sculpted to fit the curves of the RX8s rear valances, and a twin box muffler system for elegant looks, great sound and weight saving, this full 3 inch system has been carefully engineered to give a slightly more aggressive sound than the Racing Beat cat-back system, but with none of the in cabin ‘drone’ on cruise, from louder systems.

Very civilised in cabin, and when cruising, but the system really opens up under more aggressive driving.

The modular nature of the system not only allows easy adjustment for fit, but easy customisation. You can simply remove the cat section and replace it with the cat delete pipe, while keeping the entire cat back and resonated sections in place. Not only that, but the straight through slip system allows a totally free flowing system, whereas the OEM flange introduces an unavoidable restriction. Weight savings are 2kg over OEM for the cat-back alone, and with the resonated hi flow cat as well, 7KG is saved over OEM.

The 2009+ R3 model is a slightly different fit.The R3 model Pettit Racing catback is available NOW. Make sure you specify an R3 system when ordering!

1. A Revving Marvel: Unleashing the Power of Pettit Racing Rx8

The Pettit Racing Rx8 is a true marvel in the world of automotive engineering, designed to unleash power like never before. This extraordinary machine embodies innovation and performance, taking the thrill of driving to new heights. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the Rx8 is not just a car; it’s a work of art on wheels.

Underneath its captivating exterior lies a powerhouse of an engine, delivering heart-pounding performance that will leave you breathless. The Rx8 boasts a rotary engine that’s been finely tuned and precision-engineered by Pettit Racing, a name that is synonymous with excellence in the automotive industry. This state-of-the-art engine technology ensures unmatched power and acceleration, making every ride an exhilarating experience.

  • Unleashes a heart-pounding performance, thanks to its finely tuned rotary engine.
  • Aerodynamic design adds a touch of elegance while improving the car’s efficiency.
  • Equipped with advanced technology for unmatched power and acceleration.
  • Precision-engineered by Pettit Racing, a name known for automotive excellence.

But power is not the only thing the Rx8 has to offer. Its interior is a testament to comfort and luxury. Step inside

2. Accelerating into the Future: Embracing the Thrills of the Pettit Racing Rx8

In search of improved handling, Pettit offers single-adjustable Tein coil-over shocks ($1499) and larger-diameter anti-roll bars (33mm front, $179; 19mm rear, $155). The factory 18×8.0-inch cast-aluminum wheels are upgraded to polished Forgeline 18×8.5-/18×10-inch forged-alloy hoops. Pettit also offers a one-piece racing front bumper ($495) and MazdaSpeed side flares for more visual flash.

112_0411_03z_Tuners_2004_Pettit_Racing_Mazda_RX8 2004_Mazda_RX8 Wheel_View

In theory, the performance upgrades make sense, but in practice, they diminish the car’s slalom performance. “Too much rear bar made the slalom an exercise in catching oversteer,” noted tester Chris Walton. During street maneuvers, the Pettit RX-8 suspension proved smooth and predictable; only at max effort does it seem too tight.

A stock RX-8 does an admirable job of tossing out the anchor at 60 mph, but does Pettit’s $1950 brake kit (consisting of Rotora 13-/12-inch slotted rotors, Hawk HP+ pads, and stainless-steel lines) up the ante? While these brakes were easy to modulate and relatively fade-free, stopping distances actually increased by three feet. Although Pettit’s wares add to the car’s edge and shave a few tenths, the drop in driveability, a slower slalom speed, and no return on the brake-kit investment indicate that when cars perform as well from the factory as the RX-8 does, maybe “good enough” should be left alone.

2004 RX-8 2004 Pettit RX-8
0-60 mph 6.0 5.7
1/4 mile 14.5 @ 95.4 14.1 @ 99.3
Braking, 60-0, ft 115 118

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