How To Spot Fake Hermes Lindy

Unraveling the mystique behind the elusive world of designer handbags can be a fascinating endeavor. Among the crème de la crème of luxury brands, Hermès stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. With its distinct flair for innovation and sophistication, the Hermès Lindy bag has become a cherished icon, coveted by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Yet, lurking in the shadows of this revered accessory lies a perilous enigma: counterfeit Hermès Lindy bags. In this captivating journey of discernment, we venture into the realm of forgery detection, providing you with essential knowledge on how to spot fake Hermès Lindy bags, ensuring that your next prized possession is a genuine masterpiece. So, prepare to unveil the secrets and mysteries concealed within the stitches of these imitations, as we embark on an eye-opening exploration of authenticity.

There are a few easy things to keep in mind when trying to spot a fake Hermès Lindy bag. Because all Hermès bags are handmade, stitching is a good metric to use (spotting a fake Birkin bag calls for the same careful inspection). Each bag is hand-sewn according to Hermès’s celebrated saddle-stitching technique, so while the sew lines will have some inconsistencies, the work will not be messy, and there won’t be any stitches that are out of place or out of line.

Hardware on authentic Hermès bags is always made of a genuine precious metal — locks, keys, studs, and other pieces of hardware are usually made of brass that is hand-polished and plated with fine gold, palladium or permabrass. This metal will feel heavy and substantial, and it will not tarnish.

Did you find an “authenticity card” tucked inside your Hermès Lindy bag? You shouldn’t have — Hermès doesn’t accompany its bags with any card like this.

On a fake Hermès Lindy bag, the Hermès logo will look irregular, with oversized or blocky text. An authentic Hermès bag has a label stamp — with clear lettering that is lightly pressed into the bag’s leather — that reads “Hermès Paris Made in France.” If your bag has an uneven or crooked label, you may have a fake Hermès Lindy bag.

1. Unmasking the Elusive: Your Guide to Prying Out Counterfeit Hermes Lindy

Prying out a counterfeit Hermes Lindy can be quite the daunting task, as counterfeiters have become increasingly skilled at mimicking the authentic design and craftsmanship. However, fear not! With our comprehensive guide, you will become a savvy detective in unmasking these elusive replicas.

First and foremost, pay close attention to the stitching. The stitching on a genuine Hermes Lindy is flawless, with perfectly even stitches that are virtually invisible. Counterfeit versions often showcase subpar stitching, with uneven or loose threads that give away their true identity. Take a magnifying glass and inspect every stitch, ensuring they meet the impeccable standards of a true Hermes Lindy.

  • Look for the telltale signs of quality leather. Hermes is notorious for its exceptional craftsmanship and uses only the finest materials. Genuine Hermes Lindy bags are made from premium leather that feels supple to the touch and develops a rich patina over time. Counterfeits, on the other hand, often use low-quality leather that feels stiff or synthetic.
  • Examine the hardware with precision. Authentic Hermes Lindy bags feature high-quality, weighty hardware made from materials like palladium or gold. Counterfeits often use cheap, lightweight materials that feel flimsy and lack the

    2. Indulge in Authenticity: Mastering the Art of Discerning Genuine Hermes Lindy from Fakes

    Hermès Lindy Bag Fake vs Real Guide: How to Authenticate Fake Hermes Lindy? (Sizes + 9% Cashback)

    The Lindy is one of Hermès ’s most unique bags. Unlike the structured, boxy, and classic silhouettes the French maison is known for, the Lindy is casual and somewhat slouchy—youthful and even whimsical. Since its debut in 2006, the Lindy has established itself as a modern Hermès classic. I have researched how to authenticate Hermes Lindy bag. This is why I’m sharing this fake vs real guide on how to spot fake a hermes Lindy bag. Suppose you want how to authenticate hermes Lindy bag, then reading this post will help. And at the end of the artical,I will also recommend you a few websites that are the cheapest to buy new and second-hand Hermes Lindy bags.
    Cover Photo:FARFETCH & Hermes

    1. The Appearance of Hermes Lindy Bag

    The surface of the genuine Hermes Lindy is leather after special processing and screening, which is very soft and the leather texture is delicate.

    Regardless of whether the bag is stuffed or not, the handles are pushed inward. The fake leather is usually hard and inferior. Not only is it thick and dull, it is also easily worn out during use, and the handles are always separated.


    2. The Logo of Hermes Lindy Bag

    1) An authentic Hermès bag has a label stamp -“HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” with clear lettering that is pressed into the bag’s leather. The color of which should match the same color as hardware of the bag.

    2) The font of logo is thick, flat and full. On the other hand, the fake fonts have lighter edges and insufficient clarity, and the fonts are either tall or thin or much thicker!

    3. Hermes Serial Number / Date Code Stamp

    Hermes Serial Number / Date Code stamps used by Hermès are embossed with a hot iron and are always placed on the inside, or a place where it cannot be seen from the outside. The first places you should look for the Hermès date stamps are:

    • On either side of the strap;
    • Inside of the bag;
    • Under the tab (depending on the model).

    In general, each type of bag has its own specific area where the code can be found. However, this can change depending on the year.

    2) Depending on the year of the bag, each Hermès will have a unique date stamp of of manufacture with a letter accompanied by either a circle, a square, or no shape depending on the year it was made. For your reference, I have included a chart of Hermès date stamps according to year below. The stamp will also feature the artisan’s ID and an indicator of exotic skins if applicable.

    • From 1945 to 1970, there is no geometric shape on the outside of the engraving.
    • From 1971 to 1996, it was in a “○”.
    • From 1997 to 2014, it was a “□”.

    3)Until 2015, Hermès used letters in alphabetical order surrounded by a shape to date their items. For example, Square Q is 2013, Square R is 2014. They now use a secret proprietary code using only a single letter with no shape and no obvious order to the sequence, and have moved the blind stamps to the interior of the bags.

    Where is Hermes Lindy stamp?

    The stamp of Lindy 26 or above is engraved on the leather strap, while the new mini lindy is engraved at the side of inner bag.

    The year of manufacture of the genuine Lindy bag is clearly engraved, and the edges of the font are flat; while the imitation engraving is concave and deformed.

    4. The Straps of Hermes Lindy Bag

    There are four nails on the back of the straps. The authentic four nails do not touch the suture, and the imitation’s are often pressed against the stitching.

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    5. The Zipper of Hermes Lindy Bag

    1)Riri Zipper

    Hermes Lindy uses high quality riri zippers. The bottom of the authentic zipper has clear riri marking. The metal is bronzed and the details between the zipper strips are very delicate.  Most fakes do not have the riri lettering, or even if there are riri lettering, the markings are rough.

    2) H Zip Stop

    The Hermès zipper features an H at the zip stop. This is made of one piece and matches the rest of metal hardware. Fake Hermès bags use a clunky thick H that often features a seam where the two pieces are joined.


    6. The Stitching

    Every Hermes bag is handmade and hand stitched. The bag is made of durable leather with stunning grains and patterns that give each bag a distinct look.

    1) Hermès uses the saddle stitch. This stitch has a natural slant to it. If the bag doesn’t feature the saddle stitch, you should take it as a sign the bag is a fake. The stitching color should matche the color of the bag.

    2) The stitching where the handle joins the bag is double stitched. Stitching is straight and even. If your bag features irregular seams or uneven/crooked stitching, then it is a fake Hermès bag.

    7. The Feets

    On the bottom of the bag, there will always be five feet that are hammered in. Counterfeiters often screw in the feet because that’s faster and easier. And make sure they match the hardware on the rest of the bag: they should be the same metal in the same color.

    8. The Hardware of Hermes Lindy Bag

    1) The lettering of engraving ‘HERMÈS-PARIS’ should be fine and delicate with obvious spacing between the inner and outer rings. The right leg of the R word is far away from the left leg and has a slight curvature; while the font of the fake is thick and close to the inner and outer rings, the right leg of the R word is oblique and straight.

    2)  The toggle should have a smooth action. It should turn smoothly. Fakes often get this wrong and have a rough feel to the movement.

    3)The inner ellipse of the genuine round buckle is polished finely and smoothly; while the counterfeit product is polished rough, with small jagged irregularities.

    9. The Hermes Authenticity Card

    Hermes never put authenticity cards inside. An exotic skin Hermes will come with a CITES certificate though so look for that. Many fake Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags come with these orange plastic credit cards that say ‘Hermes’ on them. If the bag comes with one of these cards, it’s definitely a fake.


    10. The Dust Bag

    1) The dust bag is of a high quality, as the bag itself is, and will feature a high neat stitch count.The real logo of the dust bag has a double circle on the outside and if you take a closer look you will notice the difference in the font for the  H, also the circle surrounding the H is different. The line underneath the horse and the carriage, there are two lines under the real one, but in the fake, there is only one single line. There are finer details in the horse as well so you have to pay attention to the logo of the real one and you can find the differences by yourself.

    2) The color of the dust bag will vary depending on the year. For example, vintage dust bags are a tan velour, newer dust bags are orange cotton flannel, and post-2007 dust bags are a beige and light brown Herringbone Toile. Nowadays the color is a light beige with a dark brown Hermes logo on it. Whereas in the fake Hermes, dust bags often come in a grey color and feature a burgundy colored stamp. The authentic dust bag it’s heavier and thicker, whereas the fake one is much thinner, smoother and limp.

    3) The drawstring on the dust bag is also brown and should be made of 100% cotton.

    11. Hermes Box Real vs Fake

    The Hermes bag always come in the signature orange box never in a plastic bag. If you get the box, inspect it meticulously. First of all, it has the signature Hermes orange that fakers often get wrong. The logo in the box is not super huge and measures just about 2.3 centimeters or just under an inch from the H to the S. Also, look at the font itself, the logo, as well as anything below it because fakers oftentimes get that wrong. Note the spokes on the wheels, there are many spokes in there which is, in fact, different from the spokes you can see on the labels.

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