how to remove comment section in word

Before we cover how to delete comments in Word, let’s quickly go over how to insert comments.

First, highlight the text that you want to comment on. Alternatively, leave your text cursor where you want the comment to appear.

Next, right click and choose New Comment. You can also go to the Review tab in the ribbon and click New Comment (or click Ink Comment, if you want to handwrite it.)

This will create a call-out at the side of your document where you can leave a note to yourself or others—perhaps flagging that a sentence is poorly phrased or information needs fact checking. The comment will automatically attach your name and the time.

You can easily edit a previous comment or click Reply on it to leave a response.

Tips on Using Comments in Microsoft Word

You can format the text in comments like you would with regular text in Word, though not everything will work. For example, you can bold or italicize the text, or change its font or color. You can’t change its size or alignment.MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAYClose

You can also insert images through Insert > Pictures, though the sidebar size is fixed so you will need to resize larger images for all of it to be visible.

Also, you can change the name and initials that appear on the comment. To do this, go to File > Options and make the adjustments underneath the Personalize your copy of Microsoft Word section.

How to Remove Comments in Microsoft Word

When a comment is finished with, you can hide it, resolve it, or delete it:

  1. Hiding comments will remove all the comments from view, though they still technically exist on the document.
  2. Resolving comments will fade them out, but they’re still immediately visible.
  3. Deleting comments will remove them entirely.

The former two options are best for when you want to preserve a record, while the latter is best when you want to delete unimportant notes or if the document is being shared in a final form.

A quick way to move between comments can be found on the Review ribbon tab. In the Comments section, click Previous and Next to cycle through.

1. How to Hide Comments in Microsoft Word

You can hide all comments, which in turn will hide the review sidebar (providing it contains nothing else like tracked changes, which we discuss later.)

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