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In a bustling metropolis, where automobiles jostle for space and the cacophony of traffic becomes the anthem of daily life, a legend of two wheels silently emerges. Its nimble frame glides through the chaos effortlessly, capturing the hearts of commuters, adventurers, and dreamers alike. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the enchanting realm of the Honda Super Cub in Nigeria, where innovation meets affordability, and every ride is woven with the essence of a revolution. Join us as we explore the intricacies of Honda’s two-wheeled marvel, and discover the price that awaits those daring enough to embark on this remarkable journey.

Honda super cub 50

Honda super cub 50
Honda super cub 50
Honda super cub 50
Honda super cub 50Honda super cub 50Honda super cub 50
Honda super cub 50


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1. Exploring the Exceptional: Unveiling the Price of the Honda Super Cub in Nigeria

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we delve into the fascinating world of Honda Super Cub prices in Nigeria. Buckle up and let us guide you through the intricate details of this exceptional two-wheeler and the investment it requires. Whether you’re a Honda enthusiast or simply curious about the cost of this iconic motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place.

Standout Features:

  • Timeless design that effortlessly blends retro and modern aesthetics
  • Powerful performance with fuel-efficient engine
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seating for long rides
  • Compact size, making it perfect for maneuvering through urban traffic

Price Factors:

  • Model Year: Prices can vary depending on whether you opt for a brand new model or a used one.
  • Customization: Certain dealerships offer modified versions with added features, which can affect the overall price.
  • Location: Prices may differ from city to

    2. A Two-Wheeled Marvel: Unlocking the Honda Super Cub’s Price Tag in Nigeria

    2023 Honda Super Cub C125 Abs

    Honda Super Cub C125 ABS Price in Nigeria is 1,770,540, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Super Cub C125 ABS in Nigeria with detailed specifications and features.

    Honda Super Cub C125 ABS Price Nigeria

    Price In Nigeria

    NGN 1,770,540

    Honda Super Cub C125 Abs Specifications


    Honda Super Cub C125 ABS 2023 has been launched. Popular motorcycle type, the Honda Super Cub C125 ABS 2023 is renowned for its distinctive design and dependable performance. It is a contemporary version of the classic Super Cub, which made its debut in the 1950s and rose to prominence as one of the most popular motorcycles ever made.

    Look and Style:

    The Super Cub C125 ABS incorporates contemporary features while maintaining the traditional and timeless look of its forebears. It has a step-through layout, a low seat height, and a stylish body with a classic appeal. The overall design is a flawless fusion of vintage and modern flair.

    Safety Features:

    One of the Super Cub C125 ABS 2023’s standout safety features is the presence of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). In difficult driving situations, ABS helps avoid wheel lock-up when braking, improving stability and control. The cyclist will feel safer and more secure overall thanks to this feature.

    Comfort and Convenience:

    With its relaxed riding position, cushy seat, and well-balanced suspension system, the Super Cub C125 ABS provides a pleasurable riding experience. Even on bumpy roads, the motorcycle is built to deliver a comfortable and entertaining ride. On the front of the leg shield, there is a roomy storage area that makes it convenient to store small goods.

    Technologies and Features:

    The Super Cub C125 ABS uses contemporary technologies despite having a vintage look. For better visibility for the rider and other road users, it has LED illumination. A digital display is part of the instrument panel and shows important data including speed, fuel level, and trip metre.

    Basic Info
    Brand Honda
    Model Super Cub C125 ABS 2023
    Class Bikes
    Status Available
    Colors Pearl Grey
    Release Date 2022
    Engine Type air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
    Displacement 124cc
    Starter Electric
    Horsepower 7.1kw / 7,500 rpm
    Torque 10.4Nm / 5,000 rpm
    Bore x Stroke 50.0mm x 63.1mm
    induction PGM-FI; 24mm throttle body
    Valve train SOHC; two valves per cylinder
    Compression ratio 10.0:1
    Drive train and Dimensions
    Transmission Four-speed semi-automatic
    Final drive #420 Chain; 14T/35T
    Clutch Automatic centrifugal
    trail 2.8 inches
    Rake 26°
    Wheelbase 48.9 inches
    length 75.2 inches
    height 39.4 inches
    width 28.9 inches
    Ground Clearance 5.4 inches
    Curb Weight 238 pounds
    Seat Height 30.7 inches
    Fuel capacity 1.0 gallons
    Chassis Brakes and Suspensions
    Front Brake Single 220mm hydraulic disc; ABS
    Rear Brake 110mm mechanical drum
    Front Suspension 26mm telescopic fork; 3.5-inch travel
    Rear Suspension Twin shock; 3.6-inch travel
    Front Tyre Size 70/90-17
    Rear Tyre Size 80/90-17
    Features Old-school light bulbs may have been great in 1959, but 60 years later the Super Cub comes with a modern LED lighting package Just like our top-of-the-line Gold Wing, the Super Cub uses a convenient smart-key ignition.

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