Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 Gearbox Problems

Rev up your engines, fellow car enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the intricate world of automobiles, zooming our focus onto the notorious phenomenon known as the “Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 Gearbox Problems.” Picture this: you’re cruising down the open road, feeling the wind caress your face, when suddenly your car starts acting up, leaving you puzzled and frustrated. Enter the Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 Gearbox, a topic that has sparked countless debates, confusing even the most seasoned drivers. In this article, we aim to shed light on this enigmatic gear-shifting system, exploring its innumerable quirks and challenges. So buckle up and prepare for an unbiased exploration into the perplexing realm of Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 Gearbox Problems.

The Peugeot EAT6 Gearbox is made by Aisin, an subsidiary of Toyota Group an it’s a very reliable gearbox. Is the same used in Fiat, Chevrolet and a lot of others brands. But, I don’t know why some brands put the information that oil is lifetime and don’t need any care. Replace the oil every 60.000 kilometers, specially if you run a lot in the city, with heavy traffic. You probably won’t be able to change all oil in system without an specialized tool that flushes the oil that remains in torque converter, but don’t worry about. You should be able to change enough of it to avoid problems. With the AL4 gearbox, after an oil change, it’s important to update the information about gearbox oil in the OB2. Some coefficients of the oil changes after it has a lot of miles on it, and the gearbox software provide a parameter adaptions to deal with it. You have to decrease an oil lifetime counter a bit for each 1000ml of oil changed. I don’t know if EAT6 has this system too, but is important to check. And remember: the fabricant tests a gearbox running with the car for many kilometers, but not for many years and I don’t know if they test it in bad conditions, with heavy traffic, lots of hills or dirty roads.

I’d probably speak to a dealer first to make sure no Faults recorded and the possibility it could be programming or software. I do some work for a fleet of taxis all with same aisin Warner gears box and they all change the oil at 100k Miles. Peugeot from memory don’t have a set mileage to change the oil but a taxis constant stop start would be much harder on its gearbox plus the weight of up to 6 people. From memory the correct oil is Crazy Expensive. And I was told the new 8 speed box oil is well over £100 per litre!

1. “Unlocking the Puzzle: Delving into the Mysteries of Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 Gearbox Problems”

Are you experiencing Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 gearbox problems? If so, you’re not alone. Many car owners have encountered puzzling issues with this particular gearbox, leaving them scratching their heads in search of answers. In this article, we delve into the mysteries surrounding these problems and explore possible solutions that can help you unlock the puzzle and get your gearbox back in working order.

One common issue that arises with the Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 gearbox is a difficulty shifting into certain gears. This can manifest as a reluctance or resistance when attempting to engage gears such as first, third, or fifth. It can be frustrating when the transmission seems to hesitate or refuse to shift smoothly, leading to a jerky and unpleasant driving experience. This problem is often accompanied by strange noises or vibrations coming from the gearbox, adding an extra layer of mystery to the whole ordeal.

  • Inspect for worn or damaged clutch components.
  • Check the level and condition of the gearbox fluid.
  • Look for any loose or damaged cables or linkages.
  • Examine the gearbox sensors for any signs of malfunction.

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Overall, dealing with Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 gearbox problems

2. “Gearboxpeugeot Eat6 Gearbox Problems: Breaking the Chains of Performance Troubles

Peugeot 308 Gearbox & Clutch Problems

Gearbox & Clutch Problems and faults
Automatic gearbox fault, goes into emergency mode

With the ignition on, a message appears on the dashboard screen indicating a gearbox fault. Operating fault In this case, it goes into emergency mode, getting stuck in 3rd gear. You can feel a sign…

2015 Peugeot 308 1.6 BlueHDI 85kw
Posted: Jul 25, 2023

The gear will not accelerate pass the third gear and when it does it struggles.

Peugeot 308 2009. The gear will not accelerate pass the third gear and when it does it struggles. The car works with a speed below 50kph but struggles when accelerating above 50

2009 Peugeot 308 1.6 automatic
Posted: May 19, 2023

Clutch pedal very very high

The pedal is very very high and it had a new clutch last year, it is nearly to the point off slipping it is much higher than the brake pedal ??

2011 Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi
Posted: Feb 2, 2023

Engaged first gear, let out clutch , whirring noise car not moving

engine running, engaged first gear, let out clutch, whirring noise ,car didn’t move , into neutral, clutch out car moved and drove normally.

2016 Peugeot 308 1.6 diesel
Posted: Oct 29, 2022

Power lag below 2000 rpm

It seems that when I go below 2000rpm from a high gear I have a power lag when trying to accelerate back up to speed. I was driving along the other day when I came upon a roundabout (traffic circle)…

2017 Peugeot 308 1.2 petrol automatic
Posted: Oct 12, 2022

Faulty gearbox intermitt

The snowflake sign comes on & says gearbox faulty when I turn off engine it goes off

2008 Peugeot 308 1.6
Posted: Oct 1, 2022

Gear lever. Stacks on ‘p’

Engine starts but doesn’t crank sometimes. While driving engine suddenly decelerates and after lever neutral it regains power and go when pedal depressed. Board screen sometimes reads ‘ gear box faul…

2012 Peugeot 308 1.6
Posted: Sep 10, 2022

Gearbox jump

Recently, my car started jumping out of gears, mainly out of second gear. when I press the peddle with steady force engine seems to revv but doesn’t change the gear and when eventually it does the car…

2015 Peugeot 308 2.0 blueHDI
Posted: May 26, 2022

Warning about over use/overheating

The above problem has occurred 3/ 4 times in 3 years in slow-moving traffic with frequent use of clutch, brake and pedal

2019 Peugeot 308 308 Tech Edition Pure TechS/S
Posted: Feb 21, 2022

Occassional lack of power when accelerating

Hello I have a 308 SW with EAT6 auto gearbox. The issue I am experiencing is an intermittent one concerning lack of power when stopped or after slowing down for left or right hand turns. This does not…

2017 Peugeot 308 1.2 PureTech 130 Allure 5dr EAT6
Posted: Oct 4, 2021

Wont engage gear after 3 gear

Hi there my Peugeot 308 it wont go past 3rd gear and switch into4,5,6 . I’ve changed the transmission oil but it’s still the same.

2009 Peugeot 308 16
Posted: Jul 29, 2021


Gear box failure light came on this morning with blinking signs of ice and sport S, I stopped switched off and started again , lights are off now, what could be cause.

2009 Peugeot 308 1.6
Posted: Mar 1, 2021

Depollution system faulty

depollution system faulty flashed on dashboard but car seems to run fine, I had a diagnostic test and it said gearbox fault

2008 Peugeot 308 1.6 petrol
Posted: Oct 2, 2020

Gearbox faulty warning

gears working smoothly, but when changing down 4-3, 3-2 etc intermittantly a ‘gearbox faulty ‘ warning comes on for about 3 seconds.( no warning lights come on ). occationally it will not select R…

2008 Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi diesel ehc auto
Posted: Aug 25, 2020


In the last couple of weeks gearstick shakes in 5th. Last night when in 5th jumped into neutral. Now wont go into and stay in 5th. All other gears fine.

2010 Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi manual
Posted: Jun 5, 2016

Gets stuck in 5th gear

Sometimes when gearing down it’ll stick in 5th gear. If I work the clutch I can get it into neutral and then it’ll be fine. This could happen every time during a journey or the 1st time I try to go fr…

2008 Peugeot 308 1.6 Diesel
Posted: Jan 4, 2016

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