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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. But what happens when a car rolls onto the scene that leaves jaws dropping and eyes squinting in confusion? Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the one and only Fiat Multipla, a true icon of peculiarity in the automotive world. With a design that defies conventional wisdom, this unique vehicle has captured the spotlight, earning itself the title of “Ugliest Car”. In this peculiar journey through the aesthetics of automobiles, we will delve into the enigma that is the Fiat Multipla, exploring its distinctive features and uncovering the opinions that have amplified its notorious reputation. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure into the realm of unconventional design and debatable beauty.

This Italian minivan had rare measures both in your segment and outside of it. It was just 3,99 meters long, so I wanted it to be as easy to park as many compacts on the market. segment B. However, it was much wider and taller than any of them. His 1,87 meters had almost the same wingspan as a Opel Zafira and with its 1,70 meters high it was at the level of many SUVs today such as the Nissan X-Trail or Honda CR-V.

ugliest car in the world

With these dimensions, its interior had plenty of space to accommodate its occupants comfortably. especially in height. In addition, it also offered a trunk pretty decent with a capacity of 430 liters. In other words, a car at another level in terms of practicality, with which its rivals could not measure up.

But the virtues of its interior space did not stop there. The front center seat could be folded in such a way that there were two independent armrests for the driver and passenger and several holes to leave objects. For its part, the rear seats could also be moved to leave a total of 1.300 liters of space in the trunk.

Fiat Multipla engines

As for its engine, nothing out of the ordinary. A diesel version and a gasoline version, designed to go from point A to point B without rushing, but without too much pressure for a 1.300 kg generalist car. The first was a 1.6 liter atmospheric with 103 hp and 144 Nm at 4.000 rpm. the second one turbodiesel with 105 hp, which in 2001 would increase to 110 hp and in 2002 to 116 hp. This was the best to drive with the Multipla fully loaded, thanks to its 203 Nm of torque from just 1.500 rpm.

fiat manifold design

The controversial design of the Multipla

What is clear is that none of these virtues served to mitigate public reaction to the design of the Fiat Multipla. Especially for his peculiar nose with small headlights at the bottom and two even smaller ones under the front window. They also didn’t help large disproportion between the size of the windows and that of the rest of the vehicle. An aspect derived from the amplitude and sensation of space that they were looking for in the interior.

In its rear there were also some details that did not favor its popularity. The rear light clusters they had an oval shape, but to which they had added a deformation to the sides of the car, to improve the visibility of the indicators from the side view.

Imbalance between practicality and design

ugly rear fiat multipla

The Multipla’s proportions were bound to be very special if it wanted to achieve that good interior space. It is often difficult to harmonize design and functionality to obtain a balanced product. However, most of the most criticized aspects of this car were not due to this. As the second generation of 2004 would show, neither its strange nose nor its taillights had anything to do with the search for superior functionality.

The second generation

In the 2004 Fiat Multipla there was no trace of those censored details. turned into a car with a much more conventional aesthetic, which no longer broke so many design standards of the time. He even received criticism for just the opposite. For many, it was now too bland despite retaining its unusual proportions and six seats.

fiat multipla front

Interior Design

What hardly changed in the two generations of this car was the interior design. As it lacks a central tunnel and the typical button panel associated with it, the driving position of the Multipla brought together all the controls on a single crowded island within arm’s reach of the driver.

In it they were together: the air conditioning outlets and their controls, the gear lever, the instrumentation, the radio, a hole for glasses and even a small compartment to store objects. All this surrounded by a dashboard that could be chosen in several striking colors.

fiat multipla interior

Fiat Type SW test

Test Fiat Tipo SW 1.6 MultiJet II, the rational family

As you can see, the Multipla has many elements to be among the least graceful cars in recent automotive history. Although we must not forget that aesthetic issues are something very personal and that for some there was nothing wrong with this little minivan. In case you are still not sure what your opinion is, here is a gallery.

1. Aesthetic Blunders on Wheels: Unveiling the Controversial Fiat Multipla, the Epitome of Unconventional Design

The Fiat Multipla, a true icon in the automotive world, has garnered immense attention for its unconventional design. Praised by some as an innovative masterpiece, and criticized by others for its peculiar aesthetic choices, this peculiar vehicle has sparked controversy like no other. With its strikingly unique appearance, the Multipla cannot be ignored on the streets.

One of the most distinctive features of the Multipla is its front headlights, positioned higher up the hood than conventional cars. This quirky design element sets it apart from the crowd, giving it a distinctive and somewhat comical expression. Additionally, the Multipla’s asymmetrical side profile adds to its unconventional appeal. The mismatched side panels heighten the sense of individuality, guaranteeing that this vehicle will never blend in with the masses.

  • Interior: Stepping inside, the Multipla presents a highly practical and spacious cabin. With its three rows of seats, it can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers, offering a surprisingly roomy and versatile driving experience.
  • Functionality: Despite its polarizing looks, the Multipla delivers where it matters. Its compact dimensions and

    2. Fiat Multipla: Love it or Loathe it? Examining the Polarizing Beauty of the Infamous “Ugliest Car

    When Fiat designed a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) with two rows of three seats, it named it the Fiat Multipla. Car buyers consider it one of the worst cars ever made. What turned buyers off and kept them from clamoring for the model? How does a car achieve the dubious honor of becoming the ugliest car ever made?

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    Granted, there are quite a few ugly cars. Just think of the Nissan Juke. Even so, the Fiat Multipla has the distinction of standing out as possibly the ugliest car ever. Does the MPV truly deserve this stain on its reputation?

    A brief history of the Fiat Multipla

    The Fiat Multipla MPV at the 2019 Concours d'Elegance at the palace Soestdijk in Baarn, Netherlands
    Fiat Multipla | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

    Fiat introduced the Multipla MPV to Italian buyers in 1998. As noted by Hot Cars, the automaker was sure it would revolutionize car design since it viewed the upgrades it made as surpassing the Fiat Brava. Furthermore, in a nod to its history, Fiat revived the Multipla name, which it had previously given a post-WWII vehicle that could comfortably seat five.

    The Multipla was shorter than the Brava, making it easier to park. This feature highlighted the MPV as the vehicle to let you get out and enjoy nature. Concurrently, it offered more cargo space than the Brava. Fiat believed that this advantage could propel the MPV to become famous.

    The Multipla had a 16.6-gallon fuel capacity. According to Auto Evolution, It reached a top speed of 105.6 mph with an acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in 12.6 seconds. The front-wheel-drive MPV had a five-speed manual gearbox. It achieved a combined 27.4 mpg rating. While these specs are not outstanding, they are not bad either.

    The unique design elements that make the Fiat Multipla stand out

    In what would be a major surprise to the carmaker, the Fiat Multipla flopped. Car Scoops critics cannot get over the bulge that sits at the base of the windshield. Some compare it unfavorably to a muffin top. Others think of shoes that do not quite fit.

    Fiat envisioned the design of a vehicle that would look different, but they did not expect that the bulge would become a point of ridicule. Add to this the side windows that seem too large for the body and the taillights that do not look right, and you know why the Fiat Multipla is on the list of the ugliest cars ever made.

    However, it’s not all bad news. For example, the large windows are great for eliminating blind spots. The carmaker also added some interesting interior features that are actually great ideas. There are two glove boxes, oversized sun visors (which are great news for shorter drivers and passengers), and the ability to turn the rear center seat into a table. Additionally, if the back reminds you of the Kia Soul, you are not alone.

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